These Are Top 10 Manly Dog Breeds
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These Are Top 10 Manly Dog Breeds

We all know a dog is a man’s best friend, but determining exactly which type of dog fits the “manly” mold can be a bit trickier.
In this video, we have listed Top 10 guy-friendly Dog breeds, all of which have varying degrees of courageousness, intelligence,
friendliness and skills in the field to make the perfect companion for you or the man in your life.

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47 Thoughts to “These Are Top 10 Manly Dog Breeds”

  1. Robert Murray

    What about American Pitbull Terrier?

  2. The Pack Walk Kennels

    Rottweiler are the best dogs ever

  3. Lucas Escalera

    How about Doberman, Australian cattle dog, and pit bull?


    Doberman anywhere ????

  5. Pratham Singh Chauhan

    Bruh… did they just not include Cane Corso… he is the god of dogs..!

  6. Mac Nortey

    German shepherd

  7. Jayson Desjardins


  8. gigaa

    Not caucasian its Georgian

  9. Sabior

    Dogo Argentino

  10. Emilia Horvathova

    I get the pit bull

  11. Name Less

    Weres the mastiff breeds there like 14 of them

  12. ReaganNdiranguMwangi GRADE 3 2020

    bull dog

  13. blue diamond gem

    Doberman missing, fewls

  14. blue diamond gem

    I resent your gendering men and dogs! Promoting patriarchy enables inappropriate gender roles!

  15. Richards Joby

    Hey viral B where is American bully ,doberman etc they all look manly

  16. Mihaly Csontos

    * GOOD and THANKS ! *
    * BRAVO ! * Sincerely ; M

  17. Archreikage

    Thumbs-down for the photoshop


    My Boxer is always with me no matter what but he treat as well as first till now 😊
    Love you Duke.

  19. Faith Sanson

    Also, I have a friend that has a rottie and he is really attached to her..he follows her instead of her dad..and its supposed to be his service dog and he gets jealous..

  20. Marcia Christensen

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  21. Ishan Gaurav

    Where is doberman ?

  22. Faith Sanson

    I am a man, but I am female..I love dogs like this and I have one..he is really attached to me..

  23. Magnus Berzerkersen

    Did the Labrador Retriever really not make this list. WTF

  24. Magnus Berzerkersen

    I have a Lab and a German Shepherd

  25. Zain Hanif

    American akita?

  26. Brian Gonzalez

    I’m a German Shepherd fan

  27. Farkan R

    Really enjoyed this video.
    But expected dogo arg also.

  28. ELimiNaToR

    Dogs my weakness 😁

  29. Titanium 666

    Cane Corso, Pitbull and German Sheppard should’ve been in this list. Those are manly dogs.

  30. Ruhani Dewan

    Siberian husky should be there

  31. Daniel Clemens

    You should Put top 10 dog breeds that are hypoallergenic

  32. Aris Simion

    Nice dog breed.

  33. Nick Carlo YT

    No wonder why I look manly with my american bulldog even tho im a 17 years old skinny guy😆

  34. Big Boy Cochise

    Rottweiler!!! Thats Me 💯👊🏽

  35. 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  36. Abe Lau

    Dogs, “a man’s best friend’ ❤️

  37. Michele Manly

    Great dog breeds 🙂

  38. Vortex Bobcat

    hi i not first

  39. gacha moon star

    I like dogs even though I…… lost mine

  40. Kaiden Pail

    Thank you for posting one

  41. Diane Patricia OGorman

    I’m first here you should make top 10 girl freindly dogs

  42. Quazy Steph

    i love dogs sooooo much!

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