These Are Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

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These Are Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds

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While we all know that our beloved four-legged homeys are hard-wired to show non-stop affection,
not all breeds appreciate the warm and fuzzy treatment.
In this video we have listed 10 of the cuddliest breeds – the ones that just thrive on stuff like hugs,
ear scratches, belly rubs and of course the inevitable “who’s-a-good-boy” baby talk.

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35 Thoughts to “These Are Top 10 Cuddliest Dog Breeds”

  1. andres Suarez

    come on ya guys… are you serious? how is possible for the basset hound not being on the list?

  2. Harbach Bros

    Your missing a staffashord bull terrie

  3. sadna simon

    I love this videos

  4. sadna simon

    I this video

  5. Thierry Rodriguez

    The bichon should be number one my bichon is easily trainable loves following me and loves sitting and playing with me

  6. Jacob Reid

    Do top ten special guide dog breeds

  7. Austin Dsouza

    Rott and dobie ? I have both and both cannot stay without cuddling

  8. Nautica Greene

    The Hong Kong : go watch dog gunnery

  9. Alexia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Dog Lover

    I have 1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and 2 Maltese retriever and they love to cuddle

  10. Dam

    I own two cavaliers and I am happy to see them on this list. They really deserve a price for cuddling.

  11. Emmanuel Caelan Williams


  12. Mlody Mlody

    Sraffy is missing! Obviously

  13. maya al asmar

    You forgot the golden retriever.

  14. Ammar


  15. Peter Andersson

    The Amstaff is missing🙈

  16. iTeach Physics

    I wonder if I should go in the dog business🤔

  17. Angel Haley

    Great Danes should have on this list they love cuddling and usually think their lap dogs even though their too big for that.

  18. Regina Collins

    EnglishBulldog should be number one.

  19. Copyright Free Content

    Did y’all see the ad with that kid 😅 adorable.

  20. Xx Sarah xx 147


  21. Nick Carlo YT

    Damn it, im late

  22. Yoko Kurama62

    A mutt.

  23. Peter Harper

    Awwwwww bless you ViralBe 😁

  24. Burim Kzyeziu


  25. Aaron Pritty

    first comment ever hereeeeeeeeeeeeee

  26. Muichiro Tokito

    The thumbnail lol

  27. The Fighting gamers


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