These Are The Ultimate Family Dog Breeds
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These Are The Ultimate Family Dog Breeds

They will protect you at all costs by putting their lives at risk if needed, they will be there for you, no matter how you feel, and will support you. They can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation. Benefits are numerous that sometimes are not understandable to us, we just feel good. Dogs really do make better friends than we humans. However, it’s always a good idea to choose the best dog breed for your family, because there are many types and they are all were breedet for different purposes and You certainly do not want a wild hunter or a hardworking farmer! But Which breeds are good with kids?, Which have the right energy? and Which are compatible with the family routine? In this Episode : The Ultimate Family dog breeds!

00:00​ – Intro
01:13​ – Cavalier King Charles spaniel
01:42​ – Golden Retriever
02:15​ – Labrador Retriever
02:38​ – Beagles
03:09​ – Irish setter
03:35​ – French bulldog
04:01​ – Boxer
04:24 – Bichon frise
04:53​ – Cocker spaniels
05:25​ – Collie
05:57​ – Outro

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13 Thoughts to “These Are The Ultimate Family Dog Breeds”

  1. Chukwuweta Chukwudebe

    Like the new intro

  2. steelgator crimson Tide

    Okay this is where I’m going to begin golden retrievers as good dogs and make good breeder or excellent but due to backyard breeding they are known to have aggression issues Labrador retrievers yes they are great dogs but they are very destructive as a puppy they will destroy your house from end to end again boxers are great dogs get them bored and they are very destructive beagles they might be good hunting dogs but for a family I don’t know about that Frenchies I agree with the cavalier King Charles spaniel Irish setter is a bird dog also agree with that Bichon frize needs a lot of attention to its fur cocker spaniels are again a hunting dog can also be very destructive if they’re not properly entertained Collies are hurting dogs best on farm

  3. That annoying as* kid

    australian shepherds?

  4. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the mutt dogs

  5. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Videos about mongrel dogs please

  6. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Red dog breeds please

  7. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    These are the ultimate protection dog breeds

  8. Akash A

    Nice video I felt bit sad there was no German shepherd but it’s ok all breeds can’t be Good in everything

  9. J B

    I will buy a boxer puppy next month!

  10. Viktor Radnai

    I rescued a two year old boxer, she’s been with me for almost a year, and it has been an absolute joy. We had another boxer a year prior, she lived for 12 happy years. “Once you get a boxer, you’ll never want another” they said… I thought that’s nonsense I want a German Shepherd when I’ll get a dog my self. Turned out they were right, I couldn’t imagine having anything else then a boxer 😀

  11. Rohan Sooka

    I have a boxer and it is perfect for everything even tactical and sniffing.

  12. Rohan Sooka

    First comment

  13. Yaboy Jake

    I love dogs

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