These Are The Most Tough Looking Animals
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These Are The Most Tough Looking Animals

No matter how equipped man is, no matter how many weapons he holds, if you know what’s best for you, you’d still best steer clear of the world’s toughest animals. Or better yet, make like a (much) weaker creature: Turn tail and run! There are animals out there, which on the outside may look stoic, fearless yet fearsome, but are they really as tough as they look? You could say that some animals seem intimidating, strong, and even dangerous. But beware, not everything the naked eye perceives is what it seems. Are they really a threat? In this episode, THE MOST TOUGH LOOKING ANIMALS, and are they actually dangerous to human beings?

00:00​ – Intro
00:59​ – Black Flying Fox
01:46​ – Emperor Scorpion
02:26​ – Tarantula hawk
03:00​ – Wētā
03:34​ – Gorilla
04:04​ – Goliath birdeater
04:38​ – Gharial
05:04​ – Giant African millipede
05:35​ – Vulture
06:00​ – Basking shark
06:27​ – Outro

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    your videos are the best and can u show more cane corsos that is the kind of dog i have

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