These Are The Most Hardworking Animals
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These Are The Most Hardworking Animals

Many people will argue with Aristotle’s theory, that man is not different from animals.

Many agree even when the statement says humans are superior and unlike animals, have the ability to think.

Well if thinking is all that makes a man, you’d think he’d be able to live without working, right?

Nope, the reality we live in is far different.

People can say what they want, but animals experience very similar patterns with humans throughout their lives.

One of them being the fact that they work to survive just like we do.

Some work harder, some work less; sounds familiar?

If animals knew about labor day, they’d require as much respect on that day, and rightfully so!

In this episode, These are the most hardworking animals, what do they do, for how long, and do the rest as much as we do?

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14 Thoughts to “These Are The Most Hardworking Animals”

  1. Paquette Stephen Brett

    Now do the laziest animals next please.

  2. Merano wwe Müller


  3. Rayirth Gupta

    Can you make a video on zoology and every single point about it if you can . It would very useful for me

  4. Gavin Knight

    The difference between Humans and animals is that we care for justice ⚖ that they way Jesus made us ,if someone gets killed we want justice we bring them to court. We are made in God’s Image.

  5. alex jacobson

    Do best pack dog breeds

  6. alex jacobson

    Do best pack animals

  7. Daniel Okpara Year 7

    you sound like the WATOP dude

  8. Yusf Esam

    🌺 ﷺ(( ❤️ םבםב ❤️ ))ﷺ 🌺
    أللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّد وَعَلَی آلِ مُحَمَّدٍ‌‎

  9. Akash A

    Tigers are solitary so they do more hard work than lions
    They need to find food single handedly , look after territory
    Lions and Lionesses are more lazy than Tiger I think instead of Lion its better to put Tiger

  10. Hazem Suleiman

    What about cock roaches? I think they deserve to be in the list, but as usual nice video👍

  11. rey villarreal

    Poor Turtle

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