These Are The Feminine Dog Breeds
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These Are The Feminine Dog Breeds

Among all dog breeds, some are more elegant, delicate, and stylish and we could easily just call them the “ladies” of the canine world. Usually, these breeds have long luxurious coats, with various colors and interesting patterns, striking eyes, and graceful body lines. However, these dogs aren’t feminine just because of their looks. Their temperament and behavior distinguish them from masculine dogs, as well.

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10 Thoughts to “These Are The Feminine Dog Breeds”

  1. Isaiah Larkin

    Bichon frise

  2. Cris B

    Are their any medium to large breed dogs that are easily trained and handled by women?

  3. S Showell

    This is by looks only! I had a wonderful Pom and a GSD at the same time. I always told people they needed to “be careful” with the Pom. He was bold brave and feisty till his last day.

  4. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you I🥰🦮 loved 👍🇮🇶💞

  5. Emily Wolf

    @5:36 it looks like a buttplug

  6. Morningstar Quaid

    When papillons was shown they showed a couple mix breeds. That blond and red was mixed

  7. 10B 48 JANGAM SOHAM

    So cute 💕

  8. lee steele

    Pretty interesting


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