These Are The BEST Things I’ve Taught This Dog!
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These Are The BEST Things I’ve Taught This Dog!

How to train the most important things to a dog!

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75 Thoughts to “These Are The BEST Things I’ve Taught This Dog!”

  1. Heather Clark

    Kona is such a good dog! And she’s already grown so much!! I’ve watched every single one of your videos, and I’m looking forward to putting it to practice when I get my own puppy in a few months 🙂 For a future project, I’d love to see you train a difficult dog like a Britney Spaniel (because of their wild hereditary instincts) or a lower energy, less enthusiastic or more stubborn dog.

  2. Ulises Fuentes

    Please help me 😞. Take a look on my channel just uploaded the video so you see what I’m doing wrong.

  3. KPW Outdoors

    For your next series, you should go to a shelter and train the dogs there! I bet the dogs there would love that!

  4. Navjot Singh


  5. Tiffany Dennis

    Been a pleasure watching Kona!! Hope to see her again sometime in the future for an update.

  6. Catherine Nicole

    Absolutely the most wonderful puppy ever! Kona is so smart, curious, and willing to comply. ❤️

  7. Alisa Larsen

    Please give an update on Kona when she reaches full size!!!! I want to see how big she gets!

  8. Sarah Akers

    Bye Kona! Hope you behave with your owners!

  9. Msfelixthecatz

    I miss Kona already. :,(

  10. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Great series! Loved every video and look forward to seeing the next!

  11. Ashlee

    You caught my 12 week old puppy’s attention with the squeaker toys! lol

  12. Jess Richardson

    I will miss kona

  13. Ayodeji Abodunde

    So what’s next we need more content PLEASE!

  14. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Aww I’m going to really miss Kona 😔

  15. Lincoln Hartlaub

    When you started this series, we decided to get a puppy. Now when you’re finished, we are getting the puppy in a few days. Perfect timing! Loved watching Kona and Inertia!!!!

  16. Talia Tran

    This was an amazing series can’t wait for what’s next

  17. NoodleDoodle096

    Our pup will only do things (tricks) if she sees or smells a treat, how do I get her to do things when I don’t have treats???
    Thank you 😊

  18. basteis

    What brand of lick mat were you using during Kona’s bath? It looked great 🙂

  19. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    I just got your books on Audible, Zak! Well, 2 or three days ago. Went through them already! I put in a whole bunch of bookmarks!😅 They’ve helped ne already – I’ve been struggling with Lay Down, and in your books I found little tweaks that I’ve been missing despite watching a bunch of videos!
    Your books are truly awesome and super helpful! With your books and your videos I am confident training both of my puppies (yeah, I know two at once..🙈🙈).Thank you🙏❤😍

  20. Michael Klueppel

    what size is the crate ?

  21. keegansmom2008

    Who is the one dork that disliked the video???

  22. aarohi ambati

    your next dog project should totally be an older dog learning, instead of more puppies

  23. BigJonny13

    Goodbye Kona 🙁

  24. Fredrik N

    Time must move really slow where I’m at, for me it has been 4 months since you got Kona, not 3 weeks. Guess I’m lucky hahah!

  25. Edward Grinberg

    What is the harness that Kona is wearing?

  26. Wagging Tails Dog Training

    I’m going to miss Kona so much! I literally started crying when Zak said “today is Kona’s last day with us”! 😭But Im SUUUPPPERRRR excited for the next series!!! I’m really hoping Zak will be working with rescue dogs!!

  27. Jacqueline Gala


  28. Star Sisters

    Gonna miss kona but she’s so cute as always amazing concepts Zak
    Inertia is gonna miss kona too
    Aww inertia looks so cute with the birthday hat

  29. Southern Sass

    Enjoyed this video, such a precious pup 🤗

  30. Norma Jacobs


  31. CinnamonToastStx

    We’ll all miss kona

  32. mint24

    noooo were gonna miss you kona 😭🥺❤️

  33. Annica Corell

    So much puppy training advice is dependent on crate training, which is illegal in Sweden.

  34. Aᴋ᭄vignesh gaming

    What is the next series

  35. Bonnie Davenport

    Good job!!! I’m getting my pup March 30 and sure wish we had someone like you in our area!!

  36. Gaurav Shah

    Can I get this puppbox or barkbox delivery in India also? please reply…

  37. Vivian Trevino

    Can we get a Kona highlights reel/bloopers?? 😭

  38. becky sim

    I have a 9 week and 5 day old border collie puppy. For the most part he’s amazing apart from biting and predominantly me. He listens to my partner and only a little bites others but he severely bits me especially my ankles. I’ve tried No and Ah as well as a clap and to redirect but it seems like it’s a game and he now play grawels and jumps at me….any advice . I know he’s very young still but I wanna nip this in the bud 🙂

  39. Listen.Vibe.React

    Awwww imma miss Kona

  40. Sonali Sareen

    Love you Kona miss u

  41. Leonardo Soares

    What breed is Kona?

  42. Just a random Dog lover

    I’m gonna miss her…

  43. Maja Ambroziak

    Do you know if using an interactive dog toy that you can put treats in will be good for a dog that will be left home while going to school?

  44. Dogs Are Pawsome

    * Hey you. Yes you random person that I’ll never meet. I hope you find happiness in life. I really mean it. Today’s gonna be a awesome day. Go Kona!

  45. Leslie F

    See you later Kona!!!!!

  46. Maya Diaz

    Awhh bye Kona!! I bet Inertia will miss her too. This puppy series will come in handy when we get a puppy, hope it will behave as well as Kona.

  47. Team. Flash

    Good am on my way to become a k9 dog trainer in the future

  48. Olivia Bridges


  49. AverageJeff

    Hey, i wanted to know if its okay for me to leave my dog alone outside in a conceiled area he cant escape from at night when we sleep, as well as during the first few hours of the day when I have school?

  50. William Greer


  51. Maja Ambroziak

    Zak I use your tips on my dog and they are working. He learnt how to watch me and he don’t pull on leash anymore

  52. Ella Tasch

    Bye Kona! Loved watching her and Inertia!

  53. curious wiki

    Waiting for the upcoming series with Moira and Zak yay!

  54. Sachin Kumar 19PA024

    Having A Doggo 🐕 is a bliss “When You are with Dog….You have No Anxiety,Stress and No mood Swings” I realised it when I owned a Golden Retriever Puppy….Her name is Pecco ❤️☺️…..!!!!

  55. curious wiki

    First with 10 others lol

  56. curious wiki

    We’ll miss kona🥺😥

  57. Jesika the JEM

    Here before 10 views! I’m early!

  58. Lauren Yinfei

    Good dogs!

  59. Jesika the JEM

    Thank you Zak this helped us a lot.

  60. Akash Alte

    Hey Zak can you show us how to train a little difficult pup like a beagle or Frenchie.

  61. Chewkie

    Hey Zak! You are my Idol <3
    I am getting a border collie soon so do you have any tips? what tricks should i teach first?
    Thank you and i also love the name inertia so do you mind if i do that too? Thanks this is also my first pet

  62. The Gaming Nature

    What are you going to do next without kona

  63. Routinely oceans

    How do I teach my dog to come when he only wants the treats? He is a 5 mounth old Austrian cartel dog lab pit bull mix

  64. Jackson James


  65. Aisha Rudderham

    noooo were gonna miss you kona 😭🥺❤️

  66. Danna Cabrera-Raya

    plz tell me the link of the cage you have the circle one plz tell me

  67. Sonia Sandoval

    KONAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Waddles 7

    Thanks so much! We’ve used your series to train our new puppy!

  69. Jasmine Wallis

    Omg I luv u please please please reply!!

  70. The Gaming Nature

    We love dogs

  71. Venom on60fps

    Give me an American cocker spaniel

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