These Are The 10 Recently Recognized Dog Breeds
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These Are The 10 Recently Recognized Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club adds new breeds to its registry every year.

Being added to the list as a new breed is no easy task, and the AKC has a rigorous vetting process with strict eligibility requirements for a dog to be recognized as a new, pure breed.

These requirements include a national breed club with at least 100 members and a population of third-generation dogs numbering at least 300, and the dogs must be found in at least 20 states in the U.S.

In the last Years, the AKC has added many new breeds to its registry.

Some have been around for centuries and only recently made their way to the U.S., while some were only created in the last few decades.

In this video, we’ve rounded up the 10 newest dog breeds registered in the last years.

00:00​ – Intro
00:48​ – Boerboel
01:21​ – Berger Picard
01:52​ – Bergamasco Sheepdog
02:19​ – Sloughi
02:52​ – Pumi
03:29​ – American Hairless Terrier
04:01​ – Nederlandse Kooikerhondjie
04:31​ – Azawakh
05:01​ – Dogo Argentino
05:37​ – Barbet
06:14​ – Question

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13 Thoughts to “These Are The 10 Recently Recognized Dog Breeds”

  1. Paquette Stephen Brett

    Is that the dog fang from harry potter?

  2. Elle Abalos

    3:49 says corious instead of curious

  3. notsosilentmajority1

    I love dogs and did do a little bit of Schutzhund training many years ago but it sure seems like a lot of breeds are almost repetitive copies of already recognized breeds. I understand the differences and dynamics of breeding but sometimes it is a bit too much. Unfortunately, sometimes it boils down to a money game. When that happens it usually is the dogs that pay the price. Very good video, thanks.

  4. Nicole Cummings

    Love everything dogs! Thank you so much for educating me on new breeds❤️

  5. Aimee Frosland

    I would not own a American hairless terrier!

  6. Emma Memma

    Why did you leave out the Grand Basset Griffon Vebdéen? It should have come in between the Kooikerhondjie and the Azawakh as it was registered in 2018.

  7. ChRi&tOpHeR a

    Why would you not have included the dog in the thumbnail if that’s the “attractor”

  8. Dogs Are Pawsome

    Picard 🖖

  9. Jarid Arendse


  10. Melvin Chavers


  11. ramabala jonathan

    Thanx for the video A dog

  12. Jason S p u r l e y

    Real talk bro 💯 Tru

  13. Destroyer :}

    Nice video, I love dogs!
    Edit:I can’t believe that I made it first comment and second view. First time I was that quick

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