These Are The 10 Most Survivable Dog Breeds


These Are The 10 Most Survivable Dog Breeds

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17 Thoughts to “These Are The 10 Most Survivable Dog Breeds”

  1. Robin Mitchell

    Most of what are known as cur dogs already do just that. Indian pariahs. Dingo’s, Carolina dogs, New Guinea singing dogs, Tai Ridgebacks etc do fine and would continue to do so. Russian and Siberian Laikas would also do well. Massive dogs with high caloric needs who can not run as fast and as far to bring down prey would likely be in trouble. That is why there are few wild dogs over 75 pounds (except the timber wolf as they hunt larger prey).


    Only street dogs can survive the wild

  3. Jacqueline Johnson

    German shepherd

  4. Tyler Setlich

    Boerbol , Ridgeback

  5. Carl Parran

    How about the Canaan, or, the Carolina Dog..?

  6. Janyce MacKenzie

    Most terriers should be on this list. They can find vermin and will feed themselves and their young. They can dig tunnels and caves. In most rural areas they spend most time outside hunting.

  7. Mendez Desiree Larisa


  8. Facts with Rankings

    Dogo argentino and Kangal is the best survivor dog for the wilderness

  9. Brandon Bohannon

    Blue heelers

  10. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  11. Joe Carbaugh

    Kengal, Rottweiler , and the Caucasian Sheppard

  12. Melvin Chavers

    Central Asian Shepherd💯

  13. Ruben Yepiz

    you never heard of the Cimarron uruguayo?

  14. Osaka Chike

    Doberman dogs can survive the wild

  15. Cristian Beard

    Dogs are the greatest animals ever! 🐕 Dogs for life!


    Where’s the mongrel dogs

  17. Isobel Barthropp

    Dogs are best

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