These Are The 10 Most Heroic Dogs Ever


These Are The 10 Most Heroic Dogs Ever

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13 Thoughts to “These Are The 10 Most Heroic Dogs Ever”

  1. Games of 👑 FightTube

    Sabrina blanket

  2. Billy Folse aka BBA Folse!

    Yeah ok first dog used in war. Lmao

  3. Tia Maria Jones

    All dogs are hero’s

  4. Rod Young

    Yes they are worthy and there are so many more.

  5. Lucas Enzo

    Retrievers yeeeeeeeaaaaaah

  6. carl Johnson


  7. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  8. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher💙💯💙

  9. Pamela Henderson

    Yes 👍 I need a protective dog

  10. Cute Animals Diary


  11. sonablom

    My family had a bouvier when I was kid. I think they were used in ww1. She was a very very good girl

  12. Lucky

    Hey Mona Lisa with eyebrows

  13. Stewie Guy

    My name is Quandale Dingle

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