These Are The 10 Hardest Dog Breeds To Train
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These Are The 10 Hardest Dog Breeds To Train

Training your puppy is an essential step in your dog’s development, but some breeds are more difficult to train than others. They are still loveable and an important part of your family, but you need to be prepared for a little more effort and patience (and perhaps some extra funds) while training these breeds. In this video, we’ve listed 10 of the dog breeds that are amongst the hardest to train.

00:00​ – Intro
00:23​ – Alaskan Malamute
00:47​ – Greyhound
01:19​ – Borzoi
01:49​ – Mastiff
02:21​ – Kerry Blue Terrier
02:51​ – Dachshund
03:23​ – Basenji
03:56​ – American Foxhound
04:25​ – Chinese Shar-Pei
04:53​ – Chow Chow
05:19​ – Question

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24 Thoughts to “These Are The 10 Hardest Dog Breeds To Train”

  1. Millertime

    Anatolian shepard! They don’t obey commands, they consider them. True story

  2. Animal Facts

    *Doge are difficult to train.*

  3. John Shepherd

    Hounds in general are hard to obedience train because they were bred to be independent hunting and tracking dogs. The reason that these breeds are deemed hard to train is that canine community training standards are mostly for the show ring.

  4. Beth Williams

    Amen on the dachshunds!

  5. Samuel Sheremet


  6. Kira Woodcock

    All dogs are easy to train if you know how and you do yourresearch before you get your puppy

  7. GiftHyness

    What about Jack Russell terriers

  8. ItsMoenisha notMoesha

    I have an exclusive Breed of human thats hard to be disciplined she’s lovable adorable aggressive and stubborn . She’s called a 2 year toddler 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Kathe Hedges

    I have a American Bulldog who was very stubborn. She’s older now but puppyhood was a new experience

  10. Ганг Рена

    The German Boxer should definitely be on the list, it’s a dog with such a strong character that a man is said to be in love with himself and after himself as the owner and provides no measured love. Only boxing owners know that!

  11. Emma Memma

    Another hard-to-train breed is the Afghan hound. Proud, uninterested in treats, and difficult to potty train. They’re quite majestic, though.

  12. Mary Herron

    Have you ever met a Yorkie

  13. anant yangad

    Finally the liker which can be counted

  14. ViralBe

    Hey! What other breed do you think is difficult to train?

  15. doc saaid

    Wohooo I am 8th

  16. Wendy McCallum

    Alaskan malamutes are hard to train

  17. Anna

    Have you ever tried to Newfoundland dog

  18. Patricia Sandoval

    hey wheres the siberian husky? alaskan malamutes are easier to train than huskies

  19. Fabiano daviano Daviano fabio

    Wow sognare grande annate

  20. Farid Mulla

    First comment ❤️

  21. Abhay Sandhu

    First view

  22. iva Stanisic

    I have boxer

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