These Are American’s Most Favorite Dog Breeds
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These Are American’s Most Favorite Dog Breeds

There’s no doubt about it: Americans love their dogs.

In fact, many of them love them more than their partners.

But what dog breed is most likely to get lavished with kisses and bedtime cuddles? Without a doubt, it’s the ever-popular Labrador retriever.

It’s been the top dog in the U.S. for … well, basically forever.

According to American Kennel Club data, practically ever state loves the Lab the most.

However, the American Kennel Club numbers are based on the dogs that are registered in each state.

There’s another way of ranking the nation’s top breeds, and that’s by looking at internet searches.

In this video we have listed American’s Most Favorite Dog Breeds : By-States

Pomeranian, Most Popular in : Hawaii
Saint Bernard, Most Popular in : Louisiana
Pug, Most Popular in : Maine
English Springer Spaniel, Most Popular in : Minnesota
Dachshund, Most Popular in : Mississippi
Belgian Malinois, Most Popular in : Montana
Shetland Sheepdog, Most Popular in : Nevada
Havanese, Most Popular in : New York
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Most Popular in : North Dakota
Basset Hound, Most Popular in : Oklahoma
Portuguese Water Dog, Most Popular in : Rhode Island
Boxer, Most Popular in : South Carolina
Boston Terrier, Most Popular in : South Dakota
Yorkshire Terrier, Most Popular in : Tennessee
Poodle, Most Popular in : Utah
Bernese Mountain Dog, Most Popular in : Vermont
German Shepherd, Most Popular in : West Virginia
Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Most Popular in : Nebraska and Oregon
Bichon Frisé, Most Popular in : Maryland and Wisconsin
French Bulldog, Most Popular in : California and Texas
Siberian Husky, Most Popular in : Connecticut and Washington
Akita, Most Popular in : Delaware, Missouri and Virginia
Maltese, Most Popular in : Florida, Georgia and New Jersey
Bloodhound, Most Popular in : Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho and Kentucky
Shih Tzu, Most Popular in : Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico and North Carolina
Golden Retriever, Most Popular in : Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts and New Hampshire
Rottweiler, Most Popular in : Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wyomin.

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    Jack Russel terrior/ idk what she is mixed with

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    New York City F1 goldendoodle

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    I live in Kansas and want a pug


    Dogs with the strongest teeth and a video of Dog crossbreeds with other animals


    Can you make a video of most intelligent dogs and also dogs crossed breeds

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    I’m from Iran and I like Dogo Argentino and Kangal,from small dog breeds I like Jack Russell 👍

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    I live in England l have a boxer best dogs l have ever owned.

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    I live in Florida and I have a doberman and a husky

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    California, I own a Cane Corso very smart, family friendly, and protective dogs.

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    I’m from india I own a Rottweiler, he’s very funny Dog


    I am in Hudson Valley, NY Pit Bull all the way! Although I love all dogs

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    I have a good old fashion mix breed! She is beautiful, devoted, smart, a cuddler and high energy. Everyone always asks what breed she is, and comment on how big her ears are.

  15. Maid Mujic

    You would think a Boston terrier is most popular in Boston

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    The reason that the Portuguese Water Dog is popular in Rhode Island has nothing to do with Presidential ownership. Rhode Island has the largest concentration of people of Portuguese ancestry in the US.

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    I live in israel and i have a caucasian sheperd

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    End pitbull

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    Texas and a blue nose Pitt

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    Video: shih Tzu me: why aren’t there golden retr video: golden retriever me: oh

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    I live in pa I do search and rescue I have a bloodhound and 2 Newfoundland’s they are equally awesome coworkers

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    You forgot Doberman pinscher

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    I’m from Germany, I don’t have a dog, but my favorite dog breed is the Giant Schnauzer

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    Boxers are the best

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    Them: basset hound

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    Illinois: Rottweiler & Doberman Pinscher

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    I live in Texas and I have a Saberian Husky

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    I’m in love with the rottweiler breed idk why but the first time I my eyes catch these majestic breed i can’t sleep without thinking about them 😍😍 big love love rottweiler for life 😍😍😎

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