These Are All Primates That Currently Exist
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These Are All Primates That Currently Exist

Primates are among the most social of animals, forming pairs or family groups, uni-male harems, and multi-male and female groups. Primates 1st appeared in the fossil record nearly 55 million years ago. And, probably, the most known primate would be you, the human! Independent is each of them, and not even one is meant to be kept as a pet! Humans, as a species, aroused 200,000 years ago in Africa, but everyone and everything plays a role in the green world, therefore it is important to know of your ancient cousins, by learning of the kinds of primates. In this episode, All Primates That Currently Exist.

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    Next video : All currently existing Horse breed please

  2. Gavin Knight

    Read the Bible KJV get Saved no more monkey business.

  3. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the falcon species

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