These Are All Dog Breeds That Currently Exist
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These Are All Dog Breeds That Currently Exist

People have been breeding dogs since prehistoric times. The earliest dog breeders used wolves to create domestic dogs.
From the beginning, humans purposefully bred dogs to perform various tasks.
Hunting, guarding, and herding are thought to be among the earliest
jobs eagerly performed by the animal destined to be called “man’s best friend.”
As humans became more sophisticated, so did their dogs.
Eventually, there emerged specific breeds of dogs, custom-bred to suit the breeders’ local needs and circumstances.
in this video, we have tried to list all dog breeds that currently exist.

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69 Thoughts to “These Are All Dog Breeds That Currently Exist”

  1. Nico Dumitrana

    My favourit dog is Poodle..☺

  2. Marc _Corona

    Rottweilers are my favorite

  3. Levi Gasparotto

    You have missed so many

  4. Mimi_big_Happ

    You missed ALOT but I’m disappointed Bruh lol no hate but wut??👁️👄👁️💢

  5. Dron Chivars

    I love dogs I wish I could get one but I can’t

  6. Luis González

    Owner of a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever!

  7. Leo zinho

    Weimaraner 🖒

  8. Mjau

    You missed like 50 breeds

  9. 100k subscribers with 1 video challenge

    (Read my name)

    Help me if I want to.

  10. Richie ruiz

    Bro you said a lot of breeds but you forgot the standard 🐩

  11. Márton Vitéz

    I missed a lot of breeds…

  12. Mary Margaret Pitt

    To be a breed they must be registered with a governing body. After the 3rd crossbreed I stopped watching.

  13. Katy Lofthouse


  14. Satyajeet Dharmadhikari

    Excellent video but hou left out so many like… Xolo, caravan hound, chippaparai, rajapalyam, rampur hound,mudhol hound, Moscow watch dog, caucasian shepherd etc ….

  15. The hunting Schnauzer

    You forgot the israelian Canaan dog

  16. Raphael Martins

    Hey Guys, love your channel but its spelled ESTRELA Mountain Dog,,,, No “G”

  17. Makhdoom Channel

    Pomeranian and German Spitz

  18. Jukka jknh

    I had to watch to make sure rottweiler is on the list 😅

  19. BRJ Momma

    You missed Majorca Shepherd

  20. Taurean King

    I love the rhodesian ridgeback, boerboel and coton de tulear

  21. Tarun Srinivasan



    Awesome video….. 😍❤️

  23. I beat my meat harder than Chris browns wife

    What about the pshdar dog?

  24. James Mpalumer Assan

    How come my girl freind isnt in this picture.Haha

  25. Bowie Bigdaddy69

    I’m gonna just get all of them

  26. Bowie Bigdaddy69

    My favorite part was when he talked about dogs

  27. Vic Toria

    Sadly there is a bunch of dogs on here that are not actual breeds. They are called ‘designer breeds’ and a mixes of 2 or more breeds, they are sold at same or higher prices of their purebred parents, generally have zero health testing, are bred by backyard breeders looking to make puppies and money. Typical mixes targeted by this are: King Shepherd, pomsky, pocket beagle, doodles (cavapoo, golden doodle, bernedoodle etc.), and sadly many more. These are not dogs bred to a standard so their structure and temperament is very much so a gamble, they often end up in shelters as their breeders are not responsible of them and where they go to. Unfortunately they are very unhealthy dogs genetically and people are often scammed out of money believing they are getting a well bred fancy dog.

  28. Carolina Rendón Echeverry

    4:30 (my number 1)

    this is my favourite dog breeds

  29. Natalie Carson

    He missed the dhole dog

  30. Scott Hudson

    I really love ❤️ all the Dogs on this video

  31. Lk2 Jg1

    How many are in this video, did anyone count;

  32. Kebbe San

    2:01 That’s my boyyyyy!!!

  33. Josue Felix Nunez


  34. Kira Woodcock

    You missed quite a few breeds

  35. DJ ASG

    What’s difference between gsd and king shepherd?

  36. Jakob Bertelsen

    You forgot pomsky

  37. Briksák

    Good video but where is Czechoslovakian Wolfhound?! 🙂

  38. Iviandra V


  39. rawr02009

    You missed finnish hound

  40. Umbra The Yveltal

    My favourite dog!!!! 🧡🧡🧡
    Nova Scotia duck Tolling Retriever!!!
    Amazing video!

  41. SEL!x YvZ

    😍🙏🏻 Thank youuu

  42. maya al asmar

    I think you forgot the golden retriever

  43. Miahela Mihaela

    I ❤️ your videos, they are amazing…

  44. technical seed

    how many of total

  45. Kaleb Green

    Doberman pinscher

  46. Ziitrix

    where is mittelspitz?

  47. Rajib Gayen

    Vier good video

  48. serbian wolf gaming

    Waiting for sarplaninac

    Edit:and here he is 5:03

  49. Destroyer :}

    You missed the Greek shepherd.

  50. Shrabanti Naskar


  51. Radhe

    4:30 – The Legendary ❤️

  52. Manas Gulwelkar

    Indian mastiff and mudhul hound

  53. Izzy And the dog

    I think they should make a

  54. Eric key Dragon mick

    Nice dogs

  55. Big Boy Cochise

    The Rottweiler Oh Yeah!!!

  56. Michael Life TV

    Cute dogs😍

  57. Nayan Setty

    Masterpiece 😍🔥 loved it

  58. Jenny the Fox

    Wow!! Amazing!! beautiful breeds wow!!

  59. Emma Angela


  60. קוראים לי עולה חדש

    Never mind

  61. Aman Dixit

    1 view From India

  62. Hana Sameh

    Who wish to had a dog😩💜

  63. קוראים לי עולה חדש


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