These Are All Cat Breeds That Currently Exist
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These Are All Cat Breeds That Currently Exist

As the saying goes “Every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat”, apart from a cat’s independent behaviour, this quote might contain a historical fact that you might not have known! Domesticated cats have a natural relationship with humans for thousands of years. But how did we get here? When and why were cats domesticated? Well, let’s start there. We didn’t really domesticate cats, they did so themselves! About 8000 years ago. All of the domesticated cats we know today generated from the same creature, Felis sylvestris, which means “cat of the woods.” Cats came in handy when humans started to become civilized, the 1st time wild cats entered the town, they found mice inside stores and houses, which they found enjoyable, and humans liked the removal of pests. Ever since then cats chose themselves to stay near humans, and we liked their behaviour, so we took them as companions, worshipped them in Egypt, sailed to islands, and there’s even cases of people being buried together with their cat! And so, with all of their attitude, you still like the company of these elegant creatures! On this episode: All Cat Breeds that currently exist!

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17 Thoughts to “These Are All Cat Breeds That Currently Exist”

  1. Neale Smith

    What about the Common Street Cat?

  2. Mary Herron

    I have been claimed by a Bombay.

  3. joey daniels

    Did see Maine coon?

  4. Rhonda Magee

    Some were really scary cats 🙀

  5. Samuel Kelly

    *”Nobody owns cats, they own you.”*

  6. Jon Doe

    Do chickens 🐓 they are basically dinosaurs 🦖

  7. Ayaadh Ameen

    My favourite cats are abyssinian and burmilla cat

  8. Ayaadh Ameen

    The intro is the best

  9. Aldrich Lionel

    Please try to all horse breeds too 😔☺🤗🙏🏿

  10. Onise Baramia

    ძალიან საინტერესოა

  11. Ume Hani

    I am a British Shorthair cat lover i love BSH cat

  12. Akash A

    Try all horse breed which currently exist
    Because so many people doesn’t know about them

  13. Ayodhya 9439


  14. Burim Kzyeziu



    Please try all rabbit breeds

  16. best star wars and marvel channel

    A Persian cat lover

  17. max death

    they all look the same to me

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