These Are 9 Hungarian Dog Breeds

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These Are 9 Hungarian Dog Breeds

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Hungary is not the most prolific producers of dog breeds,
but they have some of the most striking specimens which are exclusively working or hunting dogs.
Hungarian dog breeds range from the ancient to the more recent,
but all have unique characteristics, and obsessively loved.
In this video we have listed 9 and all Hungarian dog breeds.

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26 Thoughts to “These Are 9 Hungarian Dog Breeds”

  1. Thomas Zaccone


  2. Leon Chambers

    Make a video about the canis panther dog, not a lot people know about them and they are the unlimited dog breed no ones know about

  3. Top 10 Pets

    Puli + Pumi = Mudi well not exactly

  4. Gabriele Gandellini

    Hei viralbe can you make a video abaut nova scotia duck tolling retriver pls

  5. Erum Chughtai

    Most affectionate dog breeds .

  6. Afghan dog Kabul YouTube

    Very nice 💙💙💙💙💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  7. Levente Jenei

    Hajrá magyarok! Thanks Dude..

  8. heroteam official

    Good video! I’m from Hungary

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  10. Richárd Szabó

    Thank you ViralBe for this video! People choose it one breed and let’s own! I have Mudi and Kuvasz and my desire is a big boy the Komondor! 🇭🇺

  11. Ashish Meher

    Make video on Indian dog breeds

  12. TheComicalCanadian

    great video keep up the amazing work

  13. TheComicalCanadian

    cool content keep it up

  14. Shady Gaming

    why do these dogs eat a lot?
    because they’re hungary.

  15. Erum Chughtai

    What does Hungarian mean!

  16. Inside The Dog-World

    Majestic breeds. Perhaps I’ll get one of these to my farm. My channel need a farm dog 🤣

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  18. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Dogs are lovable creatures, they just don’t live long enough

  19. Palash Talukder

    ok to dakakro kota bole vaio vaba kore?

  20. Peter Harper

    I’m enjoying your videos, it’s good to be educated.

  21. Life As Denee

    I’m the second

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