These Are 10 Smartest Dog Breeds Ever
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These Are 10 Smartest Dog Breeds Ever

For many dog owners, the intelligence of their dog is the top priority.
There are a variety of reasons to value a dog’s brains over all else.
However, the most appealing option tends to come down to training.
After all, the smarter the dog is, the more trainable it will be.
This is especially important for dog owners who want to train their dogs for
agility or to perform tasks like search-and-rescue or therapy.
So, if that’s something that you value as a dog owner,
In this video, we have listed the top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds.

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55 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Smartest Dog Breeds Ever”

  1. Jose Rivas


  2. Guadalupe Gomez

    But what about the cane corso.

  3. Guadalupe Gomez

    I liked the German Shepherd

  4. Gaige Hero

    Where’s Siberian Husky, their extremely intelligent but that makes them very untrainable because their very free willed and useally have attatudes no maker how much you train them, if they don’t feel like doing something they’ll let you know 🤣 So if this list is based off trainability then it makes sense why The Siberian Huskies not on this list 😂

  5. francis gomes Rickbarran

    What a coincidence, today I was watching Mad Max II the movie, and there was an Australian Cattle. I thoughts it was a mixed dog breed.

  6. Pat Buhia

    Belgian malinois is a k9 you said thwre in the list of the smartest dog breeds and where is it ha where selfish viralbe

  7. Jeannine Guenther

    I love my border collies. They keep me busy and love to bring to agility.

  8. Isolde Malan


  9. E-Okino

    The German shepherd

  10. John Shepherd

    The Australian Shepherd bares no relationship to an Australian Cattle Dog. They aren’t even originally from Australia. It probably should be called the American Cowboy Dog.

    It is very hard to assess canine intelligence. We misapply human standards. Trainability may be correlated with intelligence but it is not a measure of intelligence. The ability to learn on their own is a better measure. One of my son’s dogs can open almost any door including refrigerator doors. He would stand and watch people open the door and then manipulate it until he could open it on his own. They had to but a locking bar and refrigerator door because he would empty it out as soon as they left the house. He was probably the smartest dog I every saw. He was a Plott Hound. There are a few standout breeds like the Poodle, border collie and Aussie Shepherd and a few dumb as rocks breeds but most breeds are about the same.

    The Coyote is the most intelligent canine and impossible to train.

  11. S Devi Prasad


  12. Rahul Mohinani


  13. DE ATOM GH

    i just love rotties and gsd

  14. Andy Mogeni

    The gsd is the most smart dog out there the border collie doesn’t reach its level

  15. Manny Perez

    I think you forgot a Belgian Maliois

  16. Jill Collins

    My Rottweilers are so smart it is unbelievable !!. Loveable,loyal & protective as well 🙂

  17. Gloria Hill

    My Belgium Malinois is very smart, very good protector, he loves to lead, he let me know when it’s time to eat, go out , whatever we do on schedule. He is awesome.

  18. Montassar Ayari

    Malinois ????

  19. Andrei Vitelaru

    Some dog breeds has meeting togheter to drink a beer:
    Australian shepard:i am the smartest dog breed ever
    Labrador:yeah good joke ,its clear i am the smartest, and the best companion
    Border Collie:no shit labby,i am the smartest,the best companion and the best athlet
    DOBBY:You make me laugh , i am the smart,the best companion,the best athlet ,and the best personal protection and guard dog ever
    GSD:really guys hold my beer,i am the smart,the best companion,the best athlet,the best protection and guard dog,and the ultimate military and police dog
    Belgian malinois appears
    The all dog breeds that talk:we better run,he is the king

  20. echo7787echo

    For me, it is the German Shepherd.

  21. Trannice Maier

    German Shepherds

  22. The deadpool

    Where is Belgian malinois?? You change the raking in every video

  23. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    And the schnauzer dogs

  24. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    What about the mongrel dog, great Danes and Dalmatian dogs

  25. Tripple B’s

    I love your vids

  26. Bloodreina

    I love GSD so much man! I rly want one, one day!

  27. Adrian Singh

    I have a Belgian Malinois named Dino. He’s very smart.

  28. Ferre Vertessen

    American pitbull terrier

  29. Edwin Manje

    Every dogs i like n love . This all dog are amazing animal cleverness. I don’t mind to make love it

  30. Linda DiMauro

    For me it’s the German Shepherd they are so smart and very loyal and protective toward their family. I have three and they are always at my side.

  31. NITIN Malhotra

    My FAVOURITE is German shepherd & ROTTWEILER dog

  32. Raima Rai Sengupta

    Hats off viralbe

  33. EL BOB

    GSD needs to be up to 1

  34. Burim Kzyeziu

    ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍 love it ❤️

  35. Aaron Pritty

    i couldnt make it early. 😥

  36. palm rap

    Good video 👍👍

  37. Alex Valencia


  38. Bhutia Sonam T

    Where is Belgian Malinois ……? It doesn’t comes under these lists.

  39. Catalina Springer

    The border collie and Labrador

  40. larry Lewis

    I would love to have a dogo Argentino

  41. Curlykidd01

    Mine a husky

  42. Curlykidd01

    You are missing 2 Boston Tarrier and husky

  43. Artsyjempla YT

    Mixedbreed should be in here, they’re one of the smartest dogs ever, like my 1 year old longhaired german shepherd x chedsky pes dog is smarter than my friend’s 2 fully trained bordercollies

  44. Romelia and dixie

    My gsd is smarter than our border collie 🤣

  45. Romelia and dixie

    Gsds should of been #1

  46. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said

    good evening, everybody

  47. TheLuxurious

    We wish ONE DAY to achieve the level of your channel ”ViralBe”🙏

  48. Romelia and dixie

    You should do the best service dog breeds

  49. AmazingPugDoezGacha OwU

    OMG IM FIRST I’m proud but nice vid!

  50. Sushma Mohite

    Second view 😍😍

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