These Are 10 Scariest Looking Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Scariest Looking Dog Breeds

People get dogs for a variety of reasons.

Some want a lap warmer, while others want a companion for their kids.

Still, others are looking for a running companion, and a few want their dog to perform some type of work- or hunting-related task.

Many people choose to get a dog for protection.

In exchange for a warm place to sleep, a belly kept full and some regular haunch scratching, these owners expect their dog to protect them from nefarious types.

For most owners, what they really want is a scary-looking dog – a dog that can keep strangers or unwanted guests away, regardless of their actual behavior.

In this video, we have listed 10 Scariest Looking Dog Breeds

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68 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Scariest Looking Dog Breeds”

  1. Tamil arasi

    Poligar hound is also one of the best breed…may not be scariest..but yes loyal protective alert…

  2. Jason Thompson

    ” dog o ” Argentino to funny its do-go

  3. Isabella Pandora


  4. GSD fan

    One of my old German Shepherds would not let anyone get close to our fence or if he was in a car you could not approach it

  5. Ricco Singh

    Luv your channel and did anybody else see preacher from Senza Tempo Cane Corso

  6. God, Country & You

    Love the intimidating look while loving their own family !!

  7. Dreamgirl 200

    Wait…where is Kangal ?

  8. Dreamgirl 200

    I would name him Chico or Lucky, he’s actually cute❤

  9. Tristan Kelly

    The english mastiff is one cause they are they heaviest dog is the dog kingdom and pose an intimidating look

  10. Arvin Fletcher

    American bulldog

  11. Ernestas Volungevicius

    Most amazing facts about Doberman

  12. Yahir Saucedo

    What about the kangal

  13. Nelson Ricardo Fernandes da Siva

    What about caucasian sheered ?


    I’d name him Hurcules😆

  15. Johnny Cable

    Bull mastiff is one

  16. Denis balashi

    Like pure german rottweiler long tail male

  17. Tom A. Hawk

    Hi there! what do you think is the best breed to protect my family (max 80lbs). i like the “ca de bou” but this breed is very very difficult to get…

  18. Flaviuuus

    Why does everyone think I have an amstaff?I have a boxer is not that hard to know a dog breed.

  19. Jill Collins

    We would name him TYRUS or ODIN :)(Shout Out from TEAM ROTTIE!)

  20. Shaggy Rogers

    Great video. What about the Italian mastiff?

  21. Christa Milbreath

    I’d name the puppy bully

  22. gucci the dog

    Pitties are cute not scary tf…

  23. R0ger Ritter

    BELgian malanois im with mr.frank…

  24. gucci the dog


  25. Cyndi Nelson

    You’ll miss the Fila Brasileiro.

  26. Marina Baricevic

    And where is tibetan mastiff?

  27. Aditya Swain

    You forget KANGAL😉

  28. Nicole Spanneberg



    You forgot tiban mastiff and american bulldog

  30. Ish The Fish

    I would name him Creed

  31. John Smith

    Neapolitan Mastiff… Boerboels should be higher… Ive had most of these dogs and domestically they’re extremely diluted (health, intelligence, drive, instincts). Intelligence and Drive Make Hybrids (Mutts) great alternatives… Hyper Vigor tends to occur as well…

  32. Shyam Tawar

    I would name it Bucky

  33. sergio harder

    That dog should be named hulk

  34. Mayank Kapoor

    Alabai dogs

  35. Lilyana Schmouder

    Coco or Carmel

  36. satvik sharma

    Bully kutta

  37. Dregeons Heart

    No Tibetan mastiff…i am surprised..i was sure it was rank 1😅

  38. AJ’s showdown Rossi

    You missed american bully

  39. Manthan Shirodkar


  40. Joe Cairns

    English masstiff

  41. Pritam Sen

    I would name him BUSTER

  42. the Gaming heaven


  43. Mary Duque Vega

    A mastif

  44. Joe Cheema

    Bully kutta

  45. Lotzfireball Snipes

    Bull terrier

  46. dagodawg70

    What about Bull Mastiff. Dogue de Bordeaux

  47. Serpil Vorner

    There name is Hercules

  48. Carlos Aviles

    My German shepherd weighed 115 pounds and measured 29.5 inches

  49. Josh Josh

    Well my dog is a German shepherd and 9 years old but she is like 30 or 20 pounds like if u have small dog

  50. Michael Wilson

    What no Kangal im appalled

  51. Eren Akdemir

    Bull terrier

  52. Manoj Rawat

    You forget Tibetan mastiff

  53. Brandon Bower

    I think that a good name for that dog would be Brutus.

  54. Ricardo Torquato

    Kangal and Caucasian

  55. Mr. Frank

    Belgian malanois should have been there

  56. Alba The Great Dog

    I would name him “Pittie”.

  57. BCOutdoorsman

    And …. #1 KANGAL 😎

  58. Kaleb Green

    Caucasian Shepherd dog

  59. kannan ramachandran

    Doberman always 👑 in guarding world

  60. Wioletta Szymanowska

    Top 10 most Popular dog breeds


    Top 10 Fastest dog breeds

  61. king james



  62. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which other dog breed should be on this list ?

  63. True Form Oblivion

    I would name him King

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