These Are 10 Rarest Animals on this Planet
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These Are 10 Rarest Animals on this Planet

The animal kingdom is an amazing place, full of colorful creatures that swim, fly, run, walk, and roam freely around the Earth.

Sadly, a lot of animals are on the brink of extinction, including some you might have never even heard of.

In this video, we have listed 10 of the rarest animals on this planet.

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29 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Rarest Animals on this Planet”

  1. d1or2900

    I wish I can have one of thease animals that are rare why do people not save animals that are so rare pls everyone don’t kill thease rare animlas

  2. d1or2900

    Thease animals look rare we should help them not get hunted pls help animals are they rare do people hunt thease animls save them pls

  3. d1or2900

    Can you make a vid of rottweiler vs dogo argentino

  4. Sebastian Mushambe

    Why aren’t we taught about these animals
    They need our help now

  5. aaron laluzerne

    You forgot about the one turtle that is literally the only one of its kind.

  6. Manikandan. A Mani

    Upload about the dogs

  7. YT Botisgas12

    You forget white rhino there only 2 females


    I was waiting for the animal on the THUMBNAIL!

  9. ThE MuRdErEr

    Gaur vs polar bear 1v1 face to face,who would win?I think gaur would win that

  10. ThE MuRdErEr

    Make Wolverine vs Honey Badger like if u agree 👍


    Javanese rhino is the rarest animal in the world. Maybe less then 10 left

  12. Shivam srivastava

    Thy are not rarest we make thm 😣

  13. biswa ranjan

    Always teach us so knowledgeable things thnks a lot

  14. Dragon Floof

    lmao you do know that the thumbnail is a fursuit right??😂 quadsuit to be more accurate

  15. The story of why

    Pets are rare for their owners .. thoughts?

  16. Joy diary

    Animals are becoming harder to live on🌍

  17. dragon quartz

    I came to see the animal in the thumbnail….jokes on me i guess 😒

  18. Kids Trick shots

    Maybe it’s my day to get pinned

  19. Gangbang AM7

    Amazing 👏

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    keep posting quality content! kckf

  21. Top Animal Facts

    Rare animals need to be protected at all cost

  22. Griffin FN

    123rd viewer


    38th person to watched.. hehe

  24. Eli ben-moshe

    Second lol

  25. Iggy and the fool


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