These Are 10 Quietest Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Quietest Dog Breeds

All dogs are good dogs, but there’s no denying that some are a bit more vocal than others. Even if a yapping pup doesn’t bother you,
we have a feeling that your neighbor won’t be totally pleased to be woken up by the sound of barking every morning.
To keep everyone happy, you may want to consider adopting a quiet dog breed.
Small dog breeds tend to make more noise than medium-sized dogs or large dogs.
But don’t worry, small dog lovers, there are exceptions to this rule.
In this video, we have listed Top 10 quiet dog breeds that understand silence is golden
(and that keeping peace with your neighbors makes life easier for everyone).

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30 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Quietest Dog Breeds”

  1. Maria Szczur

    Korean Jindo

  2. Chloe Weng

    Can you do best medium sized dog breeds plzzzzz but also Guard dog 🐶

  3. Dawn Cox

    Whippets are pretty quiet I’ve heard. Mine “talks” a lot letting you know when he wants something but not much of a barker.

  4. Carlos Gomez Fonseca

    Akitas are like cat

  5. Dog fan

    You mist wolf dogs they don’t bark bc they communicate like wolves 🐺

  6. SalifyaB Ng'ambi

    Loudest barking dog breeds

  7. Ognjen Krgovic


    ‘ m. M. M m. L. M. M. M m m. M m. M. M m m. M m. M. M m m m m m m. M

  8. Aniket Gaikwad

    God’s most wonderful creation…

  9. Manuel Barrera Jimenez

    Rottweiler and doberman are quiet than Shepherd breeds

  10. Robera Daba

    Wow that must be true amazing!!!

  11. Robera Daba

    Cant be true!!

  12. Marius Ivanauskas

    Chow chow. It’s a cat in a dog body. So quiet and calm.

  13. Jonathan Escobar

    German shepherd

  14. Big Boy Cochise

    Rottweilers are more quiet than people would ever expect

  15. dog lover

    I have heard that the akita is a quiet breed

  16. jeevan tut

    I want a big dog as my first dog but everyone says not to do it should I still get one anyway?

  17. dog lover

    I am a big fan of your channel I have never missed a video and I have subscribed and rung the notification bell

  18. Julie OmManePadmeHum

    St Bernard = Cujo imo 😳

  19. Jabed Clerks Gaming

    Dog is faithful

  20. Stephanie Keith

    Labradors are quiet

  21. Narayanan Krishnan

    Hey I am going to buy a German Shepherd black and red colour is it good because I am a first-time dog owners

  22. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, What breed of dog should be on this list to ?

  23. Aaron Pritty

    3rdddddddddddd y’all 3rdddddd.thats me

  24. Diane Patricia OGorman


  25. veer vasant chavan

    Finally first comment


    God bless whoever reads this you will be successful in whatever you do,i haven’t been so lucky pandemic destroyed everything i had, now lonely and searching for a job

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