These Are 10 Noisiest Dog Breeds Out There
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These Are 10 Noisiest Dog Breeds Out There

Let’s admit it! A dog’s excessive barking can be really annoying…
But if you are a dog parent, you must be used to it by now… However, there are still some other things to consider – like your neighbors, perhaps? Or just picture this. You just got home, had a long day at work, and all you wanted was a little peace and quiet. You lay down on the couch and suddenly your dog starts barking.. and barking.. and barking… What would you do?
Dogs bark for different reasons. It’s your job as a dog owner to figure out why your dog is barking. However, there are just some breeds that are noisier than the others. In this video we have listed the 10 Noisiest Dog Breeds Out There.

00:00​ – Intro
00:40​ – Alaskan Malamute
01:09​ – Australian shepherd
01:36​ – Appenzeller Sennenhunde
02:00​ – Vizsla
02:36 – Keeshond
03:14​ – Basset hound
03:50​ – Australian Terrier
04:25​ – American Eskimo
04:56​ – Foxhound
05:21​ – American English Coonhound
05:56​ – Outro

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17 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Noisiest Dog Breeds Out There”

  1. jessica blackham

    Surprised you didn’t put beagle or boxer on the list or even a rottie they are loud

  2. John Shepherd

    I can attest to the #1 status for the Redtick. My late girl would bark at the drop of a hat and we did get a few phone calls over the years but any coonhound could have been #1. The Plott is potentially the worst because it is capable of a bloodhound like bellow. Had one of those too but he was not a frequent barker. My Walker is relative quiet but when barks it’s loud.

  3. DarkPhoenixSaga

    Chihuahua #1?

  4. TONY Harris

    Hello how you doing my name is Tony I have a Cane Corso that’s call block the big group but for some reason someone brought some dogs in the neighborhood audit barking every time I leave my house these dogs with bar at me ferociously in the yard and they were here this. These dogs barking I was in bed and blocked her the dogs barking heard a puppy screaming for his life Batman grab the dog and started shaking it and went to investigate owner of the house shot my dog got him in this man walked up on him and put the gun over his mind and pulled the trigger veterinarian told me he said listen somebody walked up on your dog and pulled the trigger they did not shoot him from a distance they walked up on him I said they said they was afraid of him he say yes and know that person is a predator get away from them that’s a bad person show the police dug people call the police but the police done nothing they didn’t run the gun they didn’t take no they took paperwork and they gave me nine tickets dog with no rabies tag not block was 8 months old or are you out of the yard by predator but before that he had jumped the fence the night before in corner of Predator that was coming to do something to mr. Chen’s house put it together then the day that killed shot him and get Dad gave me all these tickets then I put it together but then the police said what can you prove you can’t prove anything so you might as well just shut up and accept these tickets you better pay them because if you know what’s good for you if you would shut up that’s what they said they told me I need to take responsibility for my dog and I said what how do I take responsibility when you’re all moved someone in the area as a predator and it makes the dogs bark and they make they dog bark so much that is solution dog out of the yard and the dog is still barking to this day on Sunnydale Lane in Jonesboro Georgia

  5. Majd Sawan

    Where is the german shepherd. He has bark of 108 decibels.

  6. Jill Collins

    “I know I would never make this list …as I am a very discriminate barker”LOL…(SHOUT out from TEAM ROTTIE) ! 🙂

  7. Alorster


  8. Jazzie Jazz

    Malinois 😱😱.. “NITRO aka :” 2 FAST 4 YOU “. 😅😅🙌

  9. Oranjmuse Meyer

    No Husky on this list?

  10. Alexander Acevedo

    my Colin breed and my neighbors dog

  11. Weeb

    My dog is 25% aussie

  12. Qasim Afham

    What a wonderful post very helpful video for every person amazing video thanks for posting this😊

  13. Dogs Are Pawsome

    I need to ask my neighbors what is that *freaking* dog they have and update this list 😂

  14. Noob of 8bp

    Third 🤪

  15. AliWaris

    Love vidoes

  16. choosey chukundar


  17. GL1TCHXDYN4STY dynasty


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