These Are 10 Most Well-Behaved Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Most Well-Behaved Dog Breeds

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how much joy these animals can bring into your life. Yet owning a dog is not without its challenges, and behavioral problems often top the list of reasons that people give away or abandon their pets. This is unfortunate, as any dog can be taught to behave, and in reality, many behavior problems come from the owner’s inability to train or socialize their pets appropriately. That said, some dog breeds are indeed more challenging to raise than others. So, if you are looking for your first dog or you are just not confident in your training abilities, it may be advisable to find a breed that is relatively easy to raise and naturally predisposed to good behavior. In this video, we’ve listed the 10 most well-behaved dog breeds.

00:00​ – Intro
00:45​ – Bernese Mountain Dog
01:25​ – Beagle
02:01​ – Boston Terrier
02:45​ – Bull Terrier
03:17​ – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
03:56​ – Collie
04:34 – Golden Retriever
05:21 – Labrador Retriever
06:01​ – Newfoundland
06:44​ – Poodle
07:28​ – Outro

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21 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Well-Behaved Dog Breeds”

  1. Paquette Stephen Brett

    Most affordable dog breeds?

  2. steelgator crimson Tide

    Okay there is a few of these that are wrong people are stubborn and very hard to control without a fence or a leash golden retrievers or number three on the bite list Labrador retrievers are very destructive that means whenever they’re puppies they like to chew on everything without a proper exercise you have one board dog and one mess

  3. ZAMANSKI Binks

    I disagree with the Boston Terrior everyone that I’ve known that has had them are all 90 to nothing and wild!!

  4. Jill Collins

    Where am I the ROTTWEILER.. I’m easy.. I live too please..(SHOUT OUT from TEAM ROTTIE) ! 🙂

  5. Peggy Thomas

    How about Cuddles!! Because it’s so darn cute 😍

  6. notsosilentmajority1

    Nice list. Great pick for #1.

  7. Smidget k

    Should also state how much energy the dog needs! Some disabled people (me) would like to know… I know some. & if they like other pets/children. & the cities boy or girl? If boy… Sammy or even if girl Samantha nickname Sami

  8. Gail Greenberg

    And the Rottweiler despite its erroneous reputation!

  9. 87TFAT

    I must’ve had a retarded bull terrier because he wasn’t anything like this list described.

  10. genna gem

    Your missing Great Danes because I have one and she’s easy to train

  11. Anhad singh

    I always wait for your videos

  12. Iwan Sumarji

    I like collie very much

  13. Mary Shoemaker

    Gonna get me one❤🐕❤ I’d name him tiny just like me 🤗🐕🤗

  14. Lacy Judd

    Lol I watch all of your videos and I’m gonna see which dog I want because I am getting my new dog in winter

  15. Lisa Wolcott

    OMG HI😊

  16. o [ NIGHT ] o

    hiiiii I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and also Im going to get a dog soon bUT I LOVE WATCHING YOUR VIDEO SM

  17. riley scottish 2nd

    Hey mum

  18. Romelia and dixie

    Y’all are missing the German shepherd 🤣

  19. SnowGlobe

    Jesus is king

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