These Are 10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

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These Are 10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds

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Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility. Dogs need a safe environment and a nutritious diet. They need veterinary care.
Plus, they need exercise, attention, and plenty of training. It’s no wonder that in addition to searching for a dog who’s easy to own,
many people want a dog who will easily learn new tricks (or learn to relieve himself outside).
To be clear, you’ll still need to spend plenty of time training your dog.
And dogs who are easy to train often still need lots of your time and energy.
But the dogs who are easiest to train will quickly associate commands with actions.
And most of the time, they’ll want to please you and follow your instructions.
In this video we have listed top 10 Easiest Dog Breeds to Train.

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55 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Trainable Dog Breeds”

  1. Gage Johnston

    Mutts are the best and healiest it’s how dogs are supposed to be although maybe not the easiest to train depending on the mix

  2. millicent squirrel hole

    Ya’ nuts? Get mutts!

  3. Martial Artist

    I’m sorry but the Mal is not more trainable than the Shepherd and definitely not more than the Bordercolie. I’ve had all 3 and the BC is on a different level.

  4. Veneil

    I can’t believe there’s no mention of the MOST INTELLIGENT dog on the planet: the Dutch Shepherd! It’s not for nothing that Dutch Shepherds are becoming the most preferred dogs for police forces, in particular. They are very much like the Malinois, but slightly lighter in build, faster and more agile. They are capable of getting over 10ft fences!

  5. Jeannine Guenther

    The border collie is considered a very sensitive dog vs Malinois. They need a lot of praise. I own two border collies.

  6. john floyd Mendiola

    o like border collie

  7. Animatic lover

    Border collie #1 in training!

  8. Tristan Lockhart

    I love malone

  9. 시바 엉인데요

    멋지네요! 👍

  10. 똥개이야기ddong-gae

    Your singing and playing is good.😀❤

  11. Mary Packard

    Rottweiler gang

  12. The Dogster

    I have a minature schnauzer and shes SOOOO smart!!

  13. Elizabeth70992

    Rottweiler 🥰🥰😍😍😍

  14. Sidraah Abdus-Salaam

    Yay I can train my 6 year old Doberman he knows how to sit and lay down he passed puppy school

  15. Moms MADD

    I have a golden retriever but my favorite dog is German shepherd

  16. jay cinco

    Rottweiler over everything all day any day no hesitation ✊🏼🦾💯

  17. Andrew Milliken

    Aussie gang?

  18. Matthew Varney

    Ard nuts

  19. Rebecca Dew

    were are the cavelers

  20. Rebecca Dew

    wheres caviler king charel spainel! i have one and it tolk 1 days to trane! wene i say caviler king charel spainel people look at me like im crazy and im like you dont know what that is! we need more cavs

  21. Ryan Pendzik

    Malinois are not easy to train

  22. Larry renz

    Half the pictures for German Shepard was really a Belgium shepherd

  23. Sara Swinerton

    The title is wrong

  24. Ron Wyatt

    Team Gsd Rottie all day baby. I liked them all thou… Whish I could keep one of each.

  25. Dhiraj Chhetri

    Malinois 💕💕💕❤❤❤

  26. Pavi Swami

    Malinois, Doberman and German Shepherds are the best dogs ever made.
    My personal favorite is Doberman.

  27. mb mb

    The American staffordshire is also good to Train and they are so lovely !

  28. Night Train

    Yaba Dubba Dobie!

  29. Hassan Raja

    Name of background music ?

  30. Rich R

    The Rottie is second to none if you know what you’re doing.

  31. Karina Leon


  32. joske662

    Malinois anytime, all time

  33. Jarji Jarji

    Where is cane corso.?

  34. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman & Rottweiler

  35. jb17x2222 -

    Team Doberman! very intelligent dogs

  36. Nils van der Pluijm

    Ladra dor

  37. Parijat P

    Malinois is the best breed 👌😊

  38. Spark Games

    My German Shepherd has always had bad hips so she was really easy to train and she doesn’t need that much exercise

  39. YessirMikeDeanYessir

    Best Cold Weather Dogs/ Best Warm Weather dogs plz! I love these

  40. Quineysha Sorias

    I love the German shepard the most

  41. Plousia & Maria

    The easiest dog to train is Collie & Malinois. My favourite of this video is German Shepherd & Border Collie ❤🐕.
    Can you do: 10 most energetic dog breeds ⚡

  42. jezzFN

    Cane corso???

  43. Plousia & Maria

    Border Collie 👍
    German Shepherd comment

  44. Jayamol Baburaj

    What about boxer

  45. Kenny Schlabach

    German Shepherd gang?

  46. Burim Kzyeziu


  47. Romal Teena

    Number 1 is german shepherd

  48. Robert Rohde

    You forgot the Newfoundland!


    VERY thanks this is so good to now

  50. Cazy

    I used to have a rottweiler

  51. Jill Collins

    Nice info!!The ROTTWEILER is the best.What they said about the Rottie is all true!!(Shout Out from TEAM ROTTIE) ! 🙂

  52. Sulakshana Sharma

    3rd comment

  53. Xanxabuxaaa

    Can someone tell me how is the best dog german shapherd or blegian ?

  54. Gaming_ Leon121


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