These Are 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

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These Are 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

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As with people, the dog world also has its more difficult characters.
A difficult dog breed is better known as “stubborn.”
These dog breeds are a lot harder to train because of their independent attitudes and short attention spans.
In this Video, We Have listed 10 of the most stubborn dog Breeds that many experts agree are very difficult to train.

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46 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds”

  1. Burim Kzyeziu


  2. Connie Crawford

    Ther are over 100 breeds recognized by other countries but rarely or never seen by the average American unless you are part of the “ dog world” professionals. I was raising Show Yorkies in the early 1970s and met people everyday who didn’t know what breed they were or had every seen one. Then they got very popular and now most people can recognize one.

  3. BBBYpsi

    No Live stock guardian dog on this list. Central Asian Shepherd,Caucasion Shepherd,Tibetan Mastiff,Kangal,Volkadov,Bully Katta all those dogs are very independant dogs. The two I 100% agree with on this list is the Akita & Siberian Husky.

  4. Neil Young

    english bull terrier got egg heads and no brains the most stubborn breed in england but when they,re good they are beautitiful

  5. temur shamatava

    Caucasian shepherd

  6. Semi2Pro

    I got a Japanese akita she is very smart and is only stubborn about me guiding her away from another dog other than that shes very well trained and responds very well shes only 5 months old too and I have trained her from day 1 so I think you must train a stubborn dog breed more but a poorly trained dog will always be stubborn so best get watching training videos 😁

  7. Mary McCarthy

    My chi will do anything for food. She walks for miles and does agility.

  8. Aimee Frorland

    My family had a wiener dog once we had to get rid of him cus he refused to potty train!

  9. Kris B

    German shepherd’s can be stubborn at times

  10. nmeunier

    West Highland Terrier… Total mind of their own.

  11. Mjau

    Check out these breeds:
    -Posavac Hound
    -Istrian Hound
    -Croatian Tornjak
    They all come from Croatia,just like a Dalmatian

  12. Mario Skits

    You forgot the chow chow and Alaskan malamute

  13. Mehmet Donmez

    turkish kangal deff nrm 1 … no way you can teach that dog a thing or two

  14. Flip Flop

    Where is the Dalmatian

  15. Taylor Williams

    English bullodog pitbull Rottweiler

  16. GunXMetal37

    The Neapolitan mastiff is very stubborn

  17. Invictus96vid

    Shih Tzus are small, very cute, very smart, and very good at training their owners to respond to their wishes. They often use their smarts and cuteness to avoid doing anything other than what they want.

  18. OurCanineCompanion

    Rottie are also Stubborn breeeds

  19. Josiah Guerrero

    You missed the pimple

  20. Barb Holcomb

    Ha, you need my Saint Barnard. He tuns his head to tell you,…. kiss my ass, I am not going to listen to you. lol if you try to help him up, he falls over an you can not even head. Lol

  21. Dianna Feathers

    Chiweenie since they have the combo but they are so hard to teach but loyal to owner but will be in charge of the other dogs even if they came after

  22. Lizlovs Dagmara

    And the Chow didn’t make into the top 10 for being stubborn?

  23. Lynn Sager

    Beagle is not stubborn, I’ve had lots and they are easy to train! I’m outta here this is all BS

  24. Amin Haq

    See mastive breeds are the best.
    It’s just that idiots have them.

  25. CuteDog LilAngel

    Dogs are adorable. Cute fur balls 💕💕💕

  26. UrbanCummins

    Not a single mastiff breed on the list? Weird.

  27. Enrique Martinez

    Ca de Bou is a very stubborn dog breed

  28. ⵉⵍⵢⴻⵙ KING

    i wont staf 😢

  29. Sarantos Filippopoulos

    Basenji anyone, they’re pretty stubborn too.

  30. Dariush Filsoofi

    Husky and shiba inu

  31. Ryan Johnson

    Chow chow

  32. Brenda Nelson

    Probably a pug ❤️🖤

  33. AceTheBathound

    Shout out from TEAM SWEDISH ELKHOUND!!!!

  34. מוטי אהרן

    It’s not about the breed it’s about the trainer and is knowledge about dogs behaviour and psychology… Also every dog is individual also if 2 different dogs are from the same breed… Most important thing to train with positive ways without violence or we get the opposite results…

  35. Clown Shogun

    Shiva inu is a meme

  36. Jill Collins

    I think you got it this time LOL!(Shout Out from TEAM ROTTIE)!:)

  37. spoilt_child childo


  38. GRAJUS 2007

    Good dog 🐶

  39. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Can you think of any other Stubborn dog breed we’ve missed ?

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