These Are 10 Most Independent Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Most Independent Dog Breeds

Some dogs can become very attached to their owners, following them around and demanding attention and affection.

To some dog lovers, this is a highly desirable trait.

But others prefer a dog that is just as happy on his own as he is in the company of others.

This independence does not mean that the dog loves his owner any less, just that he does not need constant attention to be happy.

Whether you work all day, are looking for a working dog that will accompany you on walks but retreat to its own space when you get home, or you simply like to have some of your own space in the evenings,

Here are 10 dog breeds are the most independent breeds that would make a great companion for you.

00:00​ – Intro
00:44​ – Basenji
01:11​ – Siberian Husky
01:48​ – Airedale Terrier
02:23​ – Greyhound
02:52​ – Cairn Terrier
03:31​ – Chow Chow
04:04​ – Shar-Pei
04:40​ – Alaskan Malamute
05:12​ – Afghan Hound
05:50​ – Akita
06:31​ – Question

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    I love the husky, airedale, greyhound, malamute, and the akita.

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    This is such an awesome video!

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    xd idk if my malamute its the first but he isn’t independent they are more familiy animals, they l o v e children i would say that an akita or a siberian husky is way more independent

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