These Are 10 Most Gorgeous Spotted Dog Breeds

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These Are 10 Most Gorgeous Spotted Dog Breeds

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Cruella de Vil may be the only person who wants a puppy coat — I dare to hope —
but there’s no denying that spotted dogs are absolutely beautiful!
From the classic black-and-white Dalmatian to the stunning multi-colored bluetick coonhound,
people can’t get enough of polka-dotted pooches like these.
In this video we have listed 10 Most Gorgeous Spotted dog breeds !

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26 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Gorgeous Spotted Dog Breeds”

  1. Sadie Marie

    I have had two Dalmatians. First one was a female and lived to be 15. I now have a male and love him to pieces. Both dogs were rescues and in several homes prior to living with me. People who get them often do not “get” them. They are a handful….stubborn and have a non stop energy drive. But very loving and dedicated to their family. They have clown like personalities and will never fail to make you smile. Watching them run is breath taking. If they get the exercise they need they will gladly settle in and relax with the family. They get a bad rap and I feel it is not fair. Many other breeds also need plenty of exercise to avoid destructive behavior.

  2. Krish Deo

    More video

  3. Akhil Santhosh

    The dog from your thumbnail is a pure white dogo argentino, his name is franky, you can find it on Instagram and he ain’t spotted . Anyway i love your vids ,they do help a lot🐶♥️

  4. armando maravilla Ramirez

    They make all the pointing breeds seem like dogs you should be extremely carefull with. Owners of these breeds, please comment. I need to here your oppinion.

  5. Erum Chughtai

    I get amazed every time

  6. danmar007

    We had friends who bred Great Danes. Bloody huge dogs! 🙂

  7. ExtraFortly

    loved it

  8. Melvin Chavers

    Great Dane

  9. francisco varela

    Top 10 best hunting dog breeds

  10. Salifya K Ngambi

    And you forgotten the mixed breed dog breeds

  11. Salifya K Ngambi

    The blue tick coonhound reminds me of goofy from goof troop

  12. Marcelo Diniz

    Caberia legendas em português p maior visualização no segundo maior mercado Pet, no mundo

  13. Disney Drawings


  14. Heather

    I have a black and white mantle Great Dane and we are constantly stopped so people can take her picture 😀 Thank you so much for listing warnings for owning Danes. Thanks so much for you vids!

  15. Stephen john Official

    wow Amazing breeds and this video is informative for dogs lovers

  16. Aliyan khan

    Make a video on defferent between male and female dog

  17. ExtraFortly

    loved it

  18. Rebecca Dew

    what about the caviler king charel spanel

  19. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  20. Lola The Rescued Beagle

    Great video very informative love it love dogs ❤️

  21. Peter Harper

    If ViralBe had its own Academy school, I’d definitely attend it😁

  22. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which of these dogs is your favorite ?

  23. Elfo Gwe

    Beyond beautiful

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