These Are 10 Most Fearless Big Game Hunting Dog Breeds


These Are 10 Most Fearless Big Game Hunting Dog Breeds


Hunting has been the most important activity of human beings for millions of years. Food, clothing, and weapons were most of the benefits of this activity. Over the centuries hunting was developed and improved but 33 thousand years ago it reached its peak of development when wolves joined the human side. This was achieved when humans learned all the skills that dogs have and used them for tracking, finding, and catching prey. But with human civilization, hunting has been used less and less and nowadays it has remained a passion that has many legal restrictions … and rightfully so. A special category of this activity is big game hunting where dogs are also used to hunt and catch large animals such as wild boar, wild cats, deer, wolves, bears, etc. But there are few breeds that have the right courage and are bred specifically for big game hunting. So, in this episode: The most fearless dog breeds when it comes to big game hunting.

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11 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Fearless Big Game Hunting Dog Breeds”

  1. Scott Miller

    These dogs are awesome . But should one confront a full grown male lion it be over in 30 sec or less. Lion is the king for a reason.

  2. El Black

    No dog can kill a lion. Let’s make that clear

  3. Davide Greco

    I never saw a corso hunt but ok😑

  4. David Swayze

    What about the black mouth cur? Catahoulas are one of the oldest North American dogs.

  5. Facts with Rankings

    Love how you keep your videos short yet educative.

  6. William Ratcliffe

    Absolutely no one uses a pitbull for hunting lol…..And if you do, you’re a fool…..Why don’t you change the name of this channel from ViralBe to just “The Pitbull Channel”……It would make more sense and you wouldn’t be duping people.

  7. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  8. Dukolli



    Along with protection and 💂‍♀️ 🐶


    What about best attack 🐕 breeds

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