These Are 10 Most Excellent Small Watchdogs

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These Are 10 Most Excellent Small Watchdogs

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One of the many reasons people enjoy having dogs around is for a little extra protection; after all,
dogs can hear someone coming from much further away than we can.
So choosing a breed that makes a good watchdog is a great option for many people.
Another factor that plays a big role in one’s decision making is size, as many don’t want to or cannot house a large or giant breed.
For this reason, In this video we’ve Listed 10 excellent watchdogs that are small in stature.
But don’t worry, what they lack in physical size they make up for in personality!

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34 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Excellent Small Watchdogs”

  1. jackie lou orcajada

    You forgot shih-tzu❤️

  2. anubi1983

    Schnauzer is super! 😍

  3. Nestor Espinoza

    Dachshund should be top 3 PERIODDD

  4. Jakov Puček

    @ViralBe Could you make a video with top 10 rescue dogs or top 10 Swiss dogs?

  5. Marlena Falcon

    I have Chihuahua and dachshund and mini pincher and a mini poodle. Suprised im not deaf

  6. Tony Burton

    Miniature pincher

  7. cloudytears

    *its all fun and games til my chihuahua start runnin up on you.*

  8. Salifya K Ngambi

    And the best attack dog breeds

  9. Salifya K Ngambi

    Large watch and guard dog breeds

  10. Salifya K Ngambi

    Medium sized watch dog breeds

  11. Youssef Ashmawy

    Hello they are all cute

  12. Sia Pac

    You forgot about Jack Russell,it is the best small watch dog

  13. Nir David

    You guys LOVE malinois and pitbull on your thumblines

  14. Ernestas Volungevicius

    Im suprise that Dachshund maded on this list

  15. Dam

    My aunt has schipperke and she is like a little version of black german shepherd 🙂

  16. Mario Ripgod

    Can you make more animals videos

  17. Thomas GLover

    Safe to say the guy in the thumbnail looks like a bit of a gimp

  18. Ghost

    cool video my guy

  19. ChazJazzNY

    You forgot the Shiba Inu. As a small breed the best watch dog around.


    *Like, if you love dogs…*

  21. Guzman Edgar

    Haha carien

  22. Mahesh yadav

    Watching from Dubai

  23. Plousia & Maria

    Every wachtdoog from this video is the best for the house. I think Chihuahua & Minature pincher are the best watchdogs for a house 🐩.

  24. Mario Simomovski

    I think Pekingese is a very good guard dog I have one and it always barks when there is someone

  25. Melvin Chavers

    Pinscher & Schnauzer💯💯

  26. PuppyPlayz games

    This is the first time I saw a famous popular YouTuber with less views that’s just wrong but I love your videos and wished you had more fame I’ve always wanted a dog but I dont know which dog to adopt I 💜 the pug because it’s funny lazy and has a huge heart but their in danger at the momment I’m looking for an healthy dog but similar personality as the pug I loved the pug fir its personality not the look 🙂

  27. esake fikadu


  28. Jaric Staten

    I love these dogs

  29. Lil Candy

    Love the song it’s 🔥🔥

  30. • Nico Rodríguez •

    *all if they r so cute!* ✨❤️

  31. Noah Styves Chéry


  32. Travin Akash

    First viewr

  33. Peter Harper

    Nice 👍

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