These Are 10 Most Common Pets Attackers
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These Are 10 Most Common Pets Attackers

Part of the responsibility of pet ownership means being aware of the dangers your dog or cat may face from wild animals; these dangers are not limited to wilderness areas, but can be found in your own backyard.
In this video, we have listed 10 Most common animal attackers.

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19 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Most Common Pets Attackers”

  1. Frénčh_UwU

    Number 0

    – ants
    – fleas

  2. Frénčh_UwU


  3. Yusa Yesilyurt

    Only a cougar would win a 1vs1 against my 65 kilogramm malakli (bigger version of the turkish kangal)

  4. Jing Qi

    A buddy of mine lived in suburbia near mountain lion country and one evening left his two little dogs out back. A lion jumped the fence, killed one of the dogs and was about to kill the other one when his third dog, a large pit bull, heard the commotion and saw the lion about ready to kill his friend. The pit bull sprinted toward the lion, the lion saw what was heading his way fast, jumped the fence and was gone without a trace.

  5. Silvex

    I would like to see a coyote approach my dog and see how he’ll regret it immediatly

  6. francisco varela

    Top 10 best hunting dog breeds

  7. Lion3000

    Coyotes will be a serious problem & you forgot wild boars.✅✅✅

  8. Phyllis Dicks

    It is somewhat disingenuous to show nonvenomous snakes, such as harmless red rat snakes, ball pythons, and red tailed boas, along with relatively harmless emperor scorpions, which are all popular pets. Let’s stick to the actual threats.

  9. Logan

    wanna be friends?

  10. Logan

    wanna be friends?

  11. Pups&parrots YT

    I used to live near a forest and park where there were a lot of different animals, one time I was outside with my parrot who had just learned how to fly outside without a leash, everything was going well until I noticed one of the cougars from the park was behind my fence staring at my bird, I very quickly called her to me and went inside called animal control and let’s just say now I never let her fly without a leash even if she knows how

  12. Vincent MTB

    100% Comments : OMG I’m So Fcking EArLY

  13. Brian Kwarteng

    My dog is aggressive to strangers other dogs and other animals.

  14. Eric Aguilar

    Hey i have a great dog make one a best water dog

  15. CARTOON WORLD and gaming player

    Braking news guys USA ISREAL indian block Vs china Russia Turkey Iran block 3war🔥 started time in 2020 my true information guys

  16. Lola The Rescued Beagle

    I’m never this early

  17. Beatrice Cavadini


  18. Top Animal Facts

    Three Words: Top Animal Facts

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