These Are 10 Laziest Dog Breeds

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These Are 10 Laziest Dog Breeds

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Lazy dogs are pawesome, because honestly, you may not have enough energy to keep up with one of those hyper ones that bounce off the walls.
Whenever you come home at the end of an exhausting day, the last thing you want is a canine kid yapping at you and jumping on you to take them out.
No, it’s much better to have one that you can snuggle up with on the couch and watch television or read a book.
And you love having a dog that likes to sleep as much as you do.
If you are not a fan of exercise, then a lazy dog may be exactly what you need.
In this video we have listed 10 of the Laziest Dog Breeds made just for you.

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29 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Laziest Dog Breeds”

  1. John Shepherd

    Plott Hound. They are hard to handle on a walk but when not exercising or hunting they just sleep.

  2. Kosmos

    What about Poms ??

  3. Aimee Frorland

    Chowchows are evil!

  4. 똥개이야기ddong-gae


  5. Nidel Besser

    I Would call him Max

  6. Tristan Gonzales

    My dog is kinda hyper

  7. daniel mclintock

    Given a fire and a sofa to sit on and most dogs will be lazy. Snuggle up with your dog.

  8. Mihaly Csontos

    Thanks.. ! Bravo ! 😉

  9. Xtleg endX

    I would name him or her hazel

  10. DJRara2015

    Mastino ?

  11. panoschios


  12. Kinikini320 Kinikini320


  13. Jacquelina Manning

    As crazy as it sounds i would say pit bulls
    Mine likes to sleep all day if were not doing anything

  14. Love sharma Love sharma

    American red nose pitbull terriar

  15. Knowledge College

    You guys forgot the Greyhounds they’re lazy and just because they’re fast does not mean they’re not lazy remember world’s fastest couch potato

  16. Alex Fry

    You think I should do a match between Doberman Pinscher and giant schnauzer

  17. sao yang

    Haha! Very accurate. My first time seeing a great dane was at a local store, slowest moving large dog lmao!

  18. Plousia & Maria

    I would name her is Lakta or him Boby. My favouriten of this video is Kavalier King Charles Spaniel. I have a pup and is playful but after his playing, he sleeping. 🐾🐕❤

  19. Addi Renwick

    Basset hound vs. great dain

  20. Dani Schlotterer

    I think a American bull dog

  21. YoBoiAlany

    When it says 8 min ago

  22. Mezbha Hassan

    I would name him/ her blogy

  23. Niitro_Aidenjxk gamergroup

    i would name that pup tyrone

  24. classical_cookie


  25. 200 Saifaan

    I would name him/her lexy

  26. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, what other Lazy breed do you think should be on this list ?

  27. Burim Kzyeziu


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