These Are 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds Ever
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These Are 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds Ever

What is it about fluffy dogs that attract us so much?

If the owners are asked, many would say that their dog is cute.

Fluffy and soft is certainly high on the cute factor.

But scientific researchers tell us that it’s much more than that.

When dogs and people look at each other, both experience a rush of the oxytocin hormone.

That’s the same hormone that is experienced when parents bond with their babies.

Rises in oxytocin levels as much as 300 percent have been recorded in humans and as much as 130 percent in dogs.

Just by looking into each other’s eyes!

So, when that fluffy dog makes us feel like it’s the adorable thing in the world,

there is a lot of science to back up the warm and fuzzy feelings.

In This Video We Have Listed the 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds Ever.

We hope you enjoyed it 🙏

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34 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Fluffiest Dog Breeds Ever”

  1. Serpil Vorner


  2. Dagger♡

    0:50 I would name him
    The floof
    Lil Mortie
    Floof ball
    Cute lil potato

  3. Intisar Alrahmani

    Chow chow

  4. Donna Dehaney

    Leo is what I would name the chow chow

  5. Keri Funk

    German Spitz are very fluffy!!!

  6. Sanad Almesilati

    next please do 10 most athletic dogs off all times! thankyou.

  7. Samari Allen

    I would name the dog Russia

  8. Petru Chioseaua


  9. Santoro Gorjuss

    Please: Lion vs Tiger & fluffiest wild animals. ☆

  10. kai de keeshond

    I have a keeshond

  11. Sebi Dobre

    10 curly dog

  12. Manpreet Bhullar

    Name him gold

  13. Destiny Lopez

    Cute name would be snowball for the white fluff ball

  14. Lisa Wedderburn

    I will name him fluff

  15. Western Hunter

    How could you miss KOMONDOR?!
    It’s the fluffiest dog I’ve ever seen!😍

  16. Mario Simonovski

    Pekinezer is a fluffiest dog

  17. Is your Girl

    Bouvier vs german shephard

  18. Eddy Key

    alaskan malamute is super fluffy , especially the puppies

  19. Victor Vilhelmsen

    Can you made a video about the most loyal dogs and put goldten retriever and labs on it. And maybe belugom malinois.

  20. Power Puppy

    I would name him puff puff 🐶🐶

  21. Whitney Connolly

    Great Pyrenees

  22. Peder Frednes

    hovawart 1 Nice coat

  23. Aaron Biju George


  24. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, What Another Fluffy Dog Breed Should Be On This List ?

  25. Abigail Lipps

    I have never been this early

  26. Kosista

    0:51 i think it’s Chow Chow

  27. Bryan Diaz

    I wood name it tom

  28. Antrith

    I’d name this cutie Chuffy :3

  29. Victor Vilhelmsen

    Name it Chow or fluffy

  30. Bara Yamine

    First comment from🇩🇿✌

  31. Lukas Wedel

    pls, german shephard vs rottweiler

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