These Are 10 Fastest Land Animals On This Planet
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These Are 10 Fastest Land Animals On This Planet

In the animal kingdom, speed can mean the difference between life and death. Predators use their speed to overtake and overpower their prey, while animals with few other defenses rely on speed to avoid becoming dinner. In this episode, we’re listing the Top 10 Fastest Land Animals ever

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18 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Fastest Land Animals On This Planet”

  1. BC Country Guy

    PRONGHORN fastest animal.

  2. Burim Kzyeziu


  3. Dev Yadav


  4. Rayirth Gupta

    Can you make a video on white Swiss shepherd vs cocker spaniel

  5. Melvin Chavers

    African Wild Dog

  6. Lakshya allahabadi

    How fast is a warthog

  7. Bibi Lwango

    My favorite is the lion and I’ve inconted the lion

  8. muhammed D

    Wildebeest. Do i look crazy?

  9. muhammed D

    Lion lol.

  10. dogtrack93

    I practice self autonomy and I’ll tell you there’s no way a lion is sprinting at 80 kmh at 400 to 500 pounds. 80 kmh is cougar speed.

  11. Akash A

    Next video idea
    Top 10 fastest animals in the world which includes all categories land, air and water

  12. Legend forever

    Cheetah speed on ferrari car wow

  13. Girjon 05

    Well if the list was really accurate it would be
    1: Cheetah
    2: Pronghorn
    3-10: Different species of gazelles

  14. Skellsway

    I eating chicken nuggets

  15. Viraj Parikh

    1st comment

  16. Rosiamliana Ralte Jr Jr

    5th veiwer

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