These Are 10 Dogs That You Shouldn't Get


These Are 10 Dogs That You Shouldn’t Get


Considering that there are over 200 pure breeds and a lot of mixed breeds, we can say that each is bred for different specific purposes, some to have strong prey drive instincts, some to have a more pronounced aggression, some to have high energy and others to just be selfish “independent”.
Each breed is the best of all for the purpose that it was bred, but in the other hand, some have characteristics that aren’t at all suitable for inexperienced people or first time dog owners.

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16 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Dogs That You Shouldn’t Get”

  1. Burim Kzyeziu


  2. Dr D

    I guess it’s 10 dogs that YOU shouldn’t own …. Not us

  3. Heywood Jablome

    I have 3 pit mixes and they are AWESOME

  4. zukispur

    Got a few quid to spare? If yes chuck it to battersea dogs home London

  5. Omar Opqhe

    thank you 🐕💘💞

  6. Srinivasa garu

    Husky 😳

  7. Melvin Chavers

    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Fila Brasiliero
    Presa Canario

  8. Akash A

    Seriously Husky ??

  9. alexis

    Do for first time owners

  10. Niveditha S

    My dream dog is german shepherd and husky but I’m first time owner so I’ll buy german shepherd

  11. Paul Marcel

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  12. Salifya NGAMBI

    Plus mixed breed dogs, mongrel dogs and mutt dogs plus Heinz-57 dogs

  13. Salifya NGAMBI

    I ❤️ adoptive,foster, shelter and rescue dogs

  14. Salifya NGAMBI

    I ❤️ mixed-breed dogs

  15. Salifya NGAMBI

    I want a video on dogs that you should get top 15

  16. Salifya NGAMBI

    I ❤️ mixed-breed dogs

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