These Are 10 Best Runner Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Best Runner Dog Breeds

Running with your dog is a great motivator and is a really fun way to bond and get stronger together.
They’re always ready to go, they eagerly keep pace, and they never complain about being tired.
But not every dog is built for running. The ideal companion is low-maintenance and obedient, with energy and endurance.
In this video, we have listed 10 of the best dog breeds for runners.

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41 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Runner Dog Breeds”

  1. Shiva Ratnam

    What about Rhodesian Ridgeback

  2. Manuel Festoli

    So forget just running, “Australian Cattle Dogs” are the best for: running+ climbing+ swimming+ jumping+ cross fit+ biting anyting that moves.

  3. Deven Brown

    Chesapeake bay retriever I thought would be on the list, mine runs with me and is always ready for more. There also good for runners who don’t feel safe running alone since they’re excellent protecter dogs too that are always alert. I always know when someone behind me because even though we’re running my Chesapeake will watch them until they are out of sight.
    Amazing dogs that really attach to one person and will keep them safe with there life. If I’m going anywhere sketchy I always bring her.

  4. Bold Counsel

    German Shepherd

  5. william Jackson

    Pit bull

  6. Jacob DeJong

    forgot standard poodle and Irish

  7. Susan Mackinnon

    Jack Russel should be on this list, I run with mine.

  8. I. Q.

    Rhodesian Ridgeback???

  9. 26hems

    Rhodesian ridgeback ???

  10. Peder Frednes

    afghan hound
    caucasian Shepherd
    great dane

  11. Sergio I. Outdoor fun

    Biggest fan of German Shepard here.

  12. Melayne Mills

    I love the Pitts, st bernards, and labs.

  13. panther exploring

    You forgot the german shepherd

  14. jsph . pnzy

    No 1 i miss the old voice over
    No2 why is greyhound / saluki/ borzoi/ ibizan hound not here?

  15. Pritam Talukdar

    My partner is Dalmatian 🙃

  16. Jeff Bailey

    Seriously, Joe Biden???

  17. john pontes

    I wouldnt run long distance with dogs unless its below zero

  18. Kaleb Green

    You forgot Australian cattle dog Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd

  19. Jagd Terrier

    you forgot Jadgterrier

  20. Plousia & Maria

    German Shepherd sould be on this list with the Rotweller. In my village there are a lot of dangerous, big dogs or dogs without a home, little kittens which are crying. Is very sad event and nobody 20-30% try to save theirs 🐶🙁🐱
    So before you buy a petr you must think about its rules. Or the best is: to pick a kitty or a puppy without a home with a human which love it

  21. NitinKumar Tiwari

    Great Job, plz video share World Best Family and Gaurd Dog 👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏

  22. biswa ranjan

    Saint bernard puppy

  23. Mahesh yadav

    Nice information videos

  24. Joseph Church

    love the vids pls like

  25. Trixie Doodles

    Border Terriers are great running companies. They’re small, tough as nails, and capable of running any distance at any speed. They were originally bred to go on fox hunts. They had to run all day and keep up with horses, get foxes out of their holes and catch up to the hounds.

  26. autobotOG

    I just came here to look at dogs

  27. Pratham Singh Chauhan

    Where is the god of running… I meant dog of running- Dalmatian?

  28. The Indoraptor

    Im the best running partner.

  29. microplastics

    how can a pitbull be beeter for running than malinois?

  30. Six Kids Quilts

    I’m suppressed that Doberman isn’t on here

  31. Roberts Jēkabsons

    Siberian huskys is nice

  32. Dorah Mangala


  33. Abigail Robin

    my dog can run faster than me
    he always win
    and he has stamina

  34. Maid Mujic

    Awesome vid

  35. Javier Garcia

    Border collies are nice


    Biggest fan of viralBe here.

  37. Beatrice Cavadini


  38. Creeper Saier Haider

    I’m first yay

  39. Peter Harper

    You’re awesome my friends keep going😁

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