These Are 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds

Some people like a big ol ’dog. You know the type. Hefty and hearty.
About the size of a roommate, only with more hair and less likely to lock you out of the bathroom.
Other people are hoping for a dog that takes up less space in their lives.
A dog that they can fit into the palm of their hand rather than in the back of their pickup truck.
A dog that an owner can take anywhere they please.
In this video, we have listed the top 10 best miniature dog breeds that are great for families, kids, singles, and seniors.

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34 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Miniature Dog Breeds”

  1. Faith Sanson

    Fun fact: Poodles are water dogs and how their “fancy coats” are cut helps them to keep afloat in the water.

  2. Wesley Williams

    What happened to the French bulldog 😤😩

  3. Patricia Fletcher

    You forgot the miniature poodle ,the cockapoo and ,miniature goldendoodle

  4. chris mclaughlin

    Best for what?
    Are you referring to taste?

  5. Aimee Frosland

    My great grandmother had a mini suzer!

  6. Aris Simion

    The are so many interesting miniature dogs

    Really cool.
    Very nice video calm.

  7. Guadalupe Gomez

    What about the Fruch bulldog.

  8. Jordan Walker

    i have a shit tzu,chihuahua,toypoodel mix

  9. Karen Mullen

    Uh! MALTESE! Why are Maltese absent from your list? They are sweeter than more than half on your list, non-aggressive, practically non-barkers, fastidiously clean, – they dont get into stuff or messes, a breeeze to train, happy enough to stay home alone and won’t tear and chew things that are not theirs because they’re not really known to be chewers of even their toys – as a matter of fact I had to pull puppy teeth out because their second ones were growing in, and in my experience they’re non-shedders – any hairs that I ever found were usually broken off because they were so fine, they had no root to them. Any other hairs I found were in the brush because you do need to brush them if you don’t groom them in some sort of a shorter cut. They look so cute in a lion cut, or in a pony cut so that it looks like it has a Mane and a real fluffy tail but the rest is shaved except for at the back of the ankles like some fancy show horse.

    They are literally the easiest small breed of dog. They are “chill but will” dogs as I call them. They don’t want a lot, they don’t need a lot; they can be with you or they can be without you; they chill when you do, will go where you go, or stay if you say. . . UNLESS you inadvertently train bad behaviors into them by giving them attention or laughs or cutesie words and sass-back to them and play talk if they’re barking in their puppy talk, encouraging a barking problem down the line, when they should be learning to squelch that bark so that they can be the watchdog their little big hearts are wont to be.

    They can tell you when something is new and strange in the force. Little dogs can hear better than large dogs, they can tell you what’s going on down the street if you need to know. They can tell you things, if you are a responsible leader and if you teach them not to bark willy nilly when they’re pups – that’s all dogs not just Maltese. Do dogs bond with you and could learn to be a health alert monitor for tremors or anxiety or heart attacks or diabetes or some such. Also they have very low exercise requirements. If you get one that likes to chase a toy they may chase it but they may not bring it back to you or if they bring it back to you that’s about all the exercise they want or need, plus a little romp outside to go potty. If you work a lot and it’s probably best if they have a friend of similar disposition and personality.

    These dogs have tiny bladders, so…the internet and YouTube both have plenty of information and videos on how to create an indoor litter box for your tiny dogs, some are decidedly different than a cat box, they should have a secure grid on top of or that sits upon legs inside so as to not shift in a washable plastic (6″h x 15″w x 24″l ) pan in which you can put litter or potty pads to collect waste and you can just wrap them up and throw them away OR rig them to drain urine down the drain in a walk-in shower. Maltese weigh form 4 lb up to 16, but I think the larger ones are the European Standard and they have longer backs and longer legs. There’s a little known fact about Maltese who are always born with what they call black points – which is black paws (if they’re not black they will turn black and they have black lips and what looks like black eyeliner and black nose. This will fade if they don’t get enough sunshine to keep it black. It’s a melanin thing. In the winter it fades a little bit regardless.

    They tend to be healthier one of mine lived to be 19 years old another one 15. They don’t seem to be predisposed to the back problems are kidney or elbow or eye problems or heart problems other congenital problems.

  10. Kayla Kaa

    i was just looking for a small miniature dog breeds and i seen this video

  11. ChristophersMum

    What about the dogs in the thumbnail?

  12. Bajaj guy

    Maltese: wait a minute… Where am I?

  13. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Cute dogs . I have a mini Pomeranian dog her name is Macana .I share funny videos here on my channel . check out

  14. Gurnam Sidhu

    Hi pls do I vid corgi vs gsd/German shepherd pls can’t decide love both but know nothing bout them r they good for novice owners???

  15. Wolfdog Playz

    WOW COOL VID DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE DOG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. melam ropmay

    Why is a Belgian as a thumbnail?

  17. Ela Artukovic

    Wait poodles are from france? Huh…

  18. Burim Kzyeziu


  19. Sniperpro Gaming

    Why dose this vid has soo little vies and likes and doment

  20. Yolonda Lathon

    Poodles are from Germany.

  21. Ryan Barker

    I went form all breads of big dogs to pit bulls to Chihuahuas and there the best.

  22. TheLuxurious

    Your passion into Youtube “ViralBe” inspired us to start our Youtube Journey!🙏 Thank you!

  23. Animal Lover

    I like german terrier the most

  24. Melvin Chavers

    Miniature Schnauzer

  25. lavanya gurung


  26. Javier Segura Prat

    Hii, please could you do a video of Rough Collie vs Shetland Sheepdog??
    I dont know what breed to choose

  27. I beat my meat harder than Chris browns wife

    Next video:10 biggest dog breeds

  28. MT

    Fun fact: No one cares if ur first.

  29. RednO

    Second comment btw plz like and sub my channel

  30. Din R

    Pomeranian is the most cute in this list it doesn’t looks like a lion Tibetan mastiff and chow chows do look like lions Tibetan mastiff looks more like lion.

  31. Duncan Gitahi

    First commenter and viewer

  32. Eriana Silgram

    2nd view, first like! vid was posted 8 secs ao!

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