These Are 10 Best Dogs to Survive an Apocalypse
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These Are 10 Best Dogs to Survive an Apocalypse

While in times of apocalypse, you’re preparing all the food and water you might need for an undetermined amount of time, you’ve probably forgotten something important!

The phrase “man’s best friend,” is not simply an empty platitude.

Dogs have been recognized as one of the first domestic animals and actually domesticated themselves to us.

As such, they are often exceptional additions to survival scenarios.

No matter how much we prepare, there will always be certain tasks that, as humans, we are not the best for.

Our senses are relatively weak in the natural world, and even the most physically fit are evolutionarily designed for endurance over bursts.

For that in this video, we have listed the 10 Best Dog Breeds that can Help You to Survive an Apocalypse.

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85 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Dogs to Survive an Apocalypse”

  1. Prince Biswas

    Pariah dog : I’m joke to you

  2. OneWithStache

    This is not true. Cats domesticated themselves. WE domesticated dogs.

  3. Thomas Gregory

    Laugh if you will. But, mutts have the same frame and build all over the world and every climate.
    There is no doubt about their adaptability and survivability.

  4. Alberto Serpas

    Cane corso but I’m surprised to not see a Doberman

  5. Killer Alpha

    Max not mac

  6. Killer Alpha

    The dog in the beginning name it mac

  7. Killer Alpha

    Belgian malinios r the best

  8. Jozsef Jozsa

    My best of all time protector would be the kuvasz J. Jozsa

  9. Ishma Parker

    Too bad you showed some pitbulls that aren’t pitbulls

  10. Dorran Robinson

    I wud love to see the ridge back hunt…all b dead..

  11. Dorran Robinson

    Rottweliers r king…❤👑👍👍👍

  12. Trại Chó Becgie Đức Công Phan

    Love German Sheppherd 🥰🥰🥰

  13. Cleith Nayda

    I will need a rotwieler I have one and what a power house he is

  14. made saiyan god

    i would name him tyberius

  15. Mary Jackson

    Well I have a collie, so I’m good for now🤣

  16. Nathan’s Exotic fish.

    A few others golden retriever, Newfoundland, jack Russell, American Staffordshire terriers, dogo Argentino.

  17. Nothing Nothing

    I would name that puppy rocky

  18. Rafaelo Stefo

    Call him chappie

  19. John Miller

    I have 2 Ridgebacks. Best breed ever.

  20. Peter Tyndall

    Cane Corso all day long

  21. Tercio Deoliveira

    I would name that puppy sergeant

  22. Irvin Sanchez

    My favorite dog is a German Shepherds

  23. Shpendi Go

    I take the Pitbull all the way ❤️🌋

  24. Ricco Singh

    Did nobody notice preacher from senza tempo cane corso their at 3:50

  25. Admin Department

    call him cole

  26. Testmotorsport

    German Shepherd definitely underscored. You should take into consideration real GSD working lines / patrol dogs not show lines

  27. Matt Matthias

    Kangal dog ❤️

  28. Steven Lazarus

    Caucasian Shepard is my choice

  29. Leroy Thomas

    I presently have a Mexican Hairless, and Chinese Shar-Pei mix who is well trained for all occasions. But, I would love for her to have a brother of a Malnoise breed.

  30. anonim alkoholista


  31. احمد العوده

    U ve forget kangal..

  32. The Man

    All the dog breed are survivors

  33. rob hunter

    I think I’ll stick with my shihtzu…😂

  34. King Kong

    Hallo Leute ja sind beides super rassen ich kann mich nicht entscheiden meine Präferenz Liegt beim Schäferhund aber Dobermann oder Rottweiler gefallen mir auch sehr gut 👍🏻

  35. Essau Rivera

    I’d have a Siberian Husky the USA armed forces used them in WW2, they are known for their incredible durability. Huskies can survive on very little food and are adaptable to different weather conditions they can be found in Central America. These animals were bred to work and to overcome the dangerous northern wildlife that surrounded them. The husky has a bite force of 320 psi, the Rottweiler has a bite force is 328 psi it only takes 130 psi to break a human bone. Siberian’s can reach a top speed of 28 mph and run days on end. Thick paw pads help them maneuver through any terrain and their dense fur protects them from bites. This dog only barks to be territorial and is a healthy dog breed. They have a very high prey drive and can follow a trail that’s weeks old. Like all dogs they have keen hearing and can hear high pitch noises. USA used them in world war 2 as search and rescue dogs they also pulled merchandise and the wounded. A well bonded and trained Siberian Husky could be just as loyal and courageous as any dog. I believe this quick witted agile dog could help me survive. Every dog has their own personality.

  36. Delvin Du Plessis

    I would name him turbo after a dog that was my best friend

  37. Pough Keepsie

    No Doberman on your list? My all time favorite breed

  38. 1 million abone

    48. Belgian malinois

  39. Pough Keepsie

    I would call the cutie: Schattebol. The breed is Belgian Malinois right? Schattebol means in Flemish ‚little darling‘

  40. Whitney Connolly

    Pits are very intelligent and most easily trainable breed I have ever worked with but they do not have fur, only doggie hair. Love them. But for the extreme cold double-coated breeds are a strong consideration.

  41. AnimeCyberDragon

    how is the Doberman not on their?

  42. Charles Furtado


  43. Makena

    Belgian malinois and german shepherds would probably be the best springer spaniels are awesome dogs too

  44. isaiah gotswag2345

    I would name that gizmo

  45. Rufus oorg

    i’d go with ross

  46. GSG

    Caucasian shephard are from country Georgia region khazbegi this is my home country so I know everything about this breed

  47. Shady Gaming

    this reminds me of the time me and 2 of my friends were in the woods with a rottweiler and we kind of liked the woods so we just kept going and going and going till it was almost dark so we started going back but it was too far and it got pitch black, i mean not even the moon, just pitch black and we couldn’t see a thing, so i called the rott and put the leash on him and i grabbed the leash and my friends grabbed me and we just followed the dog until he got us back to town.

  48. Austin Arnone

    Well I already have a German Shepard so that would be my choice

  49. killmonger In game

    Name for the pup: rider atlas or ghost

  50. Absinthe verte

    Pitbull and not dogo argentino !? wtf

  51. Peder Frednes

    pyrenenean mastiff

  52. James Wagner

    I have a mix breed of a gsd and a Belgian Mal

  53. Rafael Ferreira

    2pt plisss

  54. Priyanshu Choudhary

    I thought that #1 would be stray dogs in this list.

  55. goodluck 13

    Watch to my video alabai dogs

  56. IL gaming TV

    Most of the pitbulls won’t survive in a world like that(they have lot of gameness), and Caucausian shepherd is nice, but-Tibetan mastiff, kangal, boerboel, and i have more… are a lot better option 4 my opinion! Heath, power, bite force, intellegence- they R way better… pitbulls are very intellegence, but we are talking on the apocalyps… and they are not top 10 in survival… ovchakara are powerfull and they can survive, but not top 10…….

  57. Brx Brx

    Please make a video about the Serbian Defense Dog, it is a Serbian Knights dog, an extraordinary breed.

  58. Begad Abou Elnassr

    I think that street dogs is good in that topic because they are borned in streets so they don’t need our help

  59. Levente AS

    Malinois comment🙂
    German Shepherd like😉

  60. holly wood

    American pitbull terrier 🤟❤❤❤❤👿

  61. ritwik kishore

    Rottweiler always n everytime !

  62. King Kong

    And i Take the german Schäferhund weil ich deutsch bin 😁

  63. King Kong

    Name fore the dog – Achilles

  64. Levente AS

    I like ViralBe

  65. Hardik Sree

    Or it is a Belgain malinos and german shepherd mix

  66. Hardik Sree

    It is Belgian malinos

  67. Ayden Miller


  68. ryan hammond

    I mean I like pitbulls but where is the husky?

  69. Inside The Dog-World

    ‘guarder’ – *Attacks Water* 😀

  70. ycart tosey

    siberian husky also has the best stamina and they will carry a pack. they are sled dogs and endure the most brutal conditions. any spitz dog.

  71. Victor Vilhelmsen

    Survivor or fighter

  72. Teodor Stoqnov

    And name the dog Hank

  73. Teodor Stoqnov

    There is Chow Chow

  74. Ayden Miller

    i would name this dog killer

  75. parkouroleg Egypt

    You good😍😍😍

  76. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which dog breed do you want to have by your side in times of Apocalypse ?

  77. arca kaan seven


  78. Burim Kzyeziu


  79. Malhar Raravikar


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