These Are 10 Best Dogs for Wilderness Survival
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These Are 10 Best Dogs for Wilderness Survival

If you have ever taken a trip and stayed the night or even spent a day out in the wild, you know that having a dog makes you feel a lot safer.

Not all dogs are suited for the wild or can provide the protection that you would need.

So, which is the best dog breed for wilderness survival?

Due to the different climates that you may live or adventure in, it is hard to choose just one breed as the best.

In this video, we have listed the 10 Best dog breeds for wilderness survival.

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61 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Dogs for Wilderness Survival”

  1. Jean Bond

    Cane corso, rottie , or ridgeback

  2. Dan Ngombua

    German shepherd

  3. Gammelkartoffel 278

    I think the best dogs are from Germany (German Shepard, Rottweiler, Dobeman)

  4. Rishi Santhosh

    The rotweiler

  5. Dog Face Pony Soldier

    Cane Corso all the way

  6. أبو هلال الصبيحي

    Cane corso ❤️❤️❤️

  7. André Rocha Torres

    Rodhesian Ridgeback all the way. Outstanding sight and scent hound and amazing guard dog. Otherwise I would have a Portuguese Mastiff (Rafeiro Alentejano). Loyal, reliable, protective and strong, these rustic dogs can endure all kind of temperate environmental conditions.😉

  8. Stephanie Edwards

    I will take my German Shepherd And my BM

  9. MateyGardelOriental

    Since everybody love their own dogs and dont listen nothing else..i just will say..The best survivial dogs is the URUGUAYAN CIMARRON period..Go and check..

  10. Jeannine Guenther

    How did the Australian cattle dog get on there versus the other herding dogs?

  11. Nicole Boos

    Minton dog bit I love all dogs

  12. Mjau

    Boerboel,presa,pitbull? And croatian tornjak??

  13. Ankit Paul

    Where is Doberman Pinscher?????🙄🙄🙄🙄

  14. John Shepherd

    Huskies and Malamutes may be hardy outdoor dogs but they are unlikely to protect you and that is a key characteristic for a wilderness survival dog.

    The Plott Hound is an excellent wilderness dog. Mild mannered and laid back at home but a very aggressive trackering dog that will take on large game. I would take a Plott over most of the dogs on the list.

  15. Jill Collins

    I would take my 2 Rottweilers! :)if they can’t go I’m not going!!!


    I would bring my Rottweiler🤗😍

  17. Ligma Balls

    M shepherd

  18. Diego Mendoza

    I’d take my Great Pyrenees the were bred to fend off wild predators and there livestock protector

  19. msgottaneedtoknow

    I’d take my two Cane Corso’s and my blue heeled. But I’d definitely want a Turkish Kengal , Caucasian Shepherd and an English Mastiff along!

  20. The hunting Schnauzer

    I’d take a Great Dane mixed with German shepherd and a German boxer💪💪

  21. Roger

    You need to distinguish btwn the Inu Akita and the American Akita. Two different standards and really two different dogs.

  22. Arindam Sarkar

    I prefer Dogo Argentino or cane corso.
    Because I have those dogs.
    And honestly sometime when I roaming and camping in forests (I live in India and Dooars forest near my home approx 5 mile), I took them with me. They are very good companion.


    I would like a German Shepherd because

  24. Karan Sisodia

    I love my Pitbull

  25. Cyndi Nelson

    A Fila Brasileiro.

  26. SlamDunkyX

    Aren’t belagin just smaller verisons of Shepard’s so would that make sherpards There spot and they take sherpards spot as number 1 because if a sherpards has longer cot then a beligan plus it bigger it could conserve more heat plus it fur

  27. strug Bro

    My gsd cant walk on road in summer time .he is tierd immediately..i dont like that think

  28. Siddharth Ambekar


  29. Guadalupe Gomez

    I liked the Rottweiler.

  30. Sujit More

    GSD will be my choice. Best indoor and outdoor companion.

  31. Murali P

    German Shepherd

  32. Be You

    I will take german shepherd, malinois, kangal, dogo argentino or bulgarian shepherd.

  33. klodian troka

    The best ever and ever is BELGIAN MALINOIS ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  34. maRiSoL duarTe

    Falto Kangal turco 🙄🙄🙄

  35. Kj Cuadra

    I think that belgian is more the best for that

  36. Samuel Esuon

    I’d take a dogo argentino 💪💪💪💪

  37. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said

    I enjoyed this video



  39. Sadhan Mohanty

    Siberian husky could be my choice

  40. Kysen Gibbons

    👇This is how many people like the malinois

  41. Kysen Gibbons

    Always got to love the mali

  42. Allah yar Durrani

    I like rottwiler

  43. Pierfrancesco Tancredi


  44. pickld grammr

    Id take the ridgeback

  45. Wolfdog Playz


  46. Louisiana Swamp

    A hunting dog.

  47. Reese Moore

    German Shepherd’s are the best not a stupid Malinois!! Get it right! 😡

  48. Gail Greenberg

    I’d take a Rottie😇

  49. Rami Allaw

    Where is the doberman🤨?

  50. I beat my meat harder than Chris browns wife

    Id probably take a Kurdish mastiff because there extremely protective and they are large too

  51. clixy lazar

    German shepherd or belgen malonias

  52. Marlena Falcon

    I think it’s the wolfdog or kangal

  53. DOGS DEL

    Thanks for this wonderful video, you have really made me understand how beautiful this world is with animals. The love for dogs has inspired me to create my youtube channel. I would love some support/feedback, so please hit subscribe and check it out, peace.

  54. TheLuxurious

    We hope ONE DAY to achieve the level of your channel ”ViralBe”🙏

  55. Animal Lover

    The best dog for wilderness survival is Illyrian shepherd💪

  56. Lucas Ladendecker

    How do you make a post on YouTube

  57. 𝙑F𝙓📷وحش الخدع والافلام


  58. Peter Harper


  59. Rajshekhar Banjare


  60. Jeiner Digueros lainez


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