These Are 10 Best Dogs for Hikers

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These Are 10 Best Dogs for Hikers

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Hiking is a great activity to enjoy alongside your dog.
It’s a great way you can both burn some calories and time spent in nature is incredibly restorative for both body and mind.
But not every dog is well-suited for racking up the backcountry miles.
Some aren’t built for the kind of wear-and-tear hiking often entails,
while others are simply more comfortable running around at a manicured dog park
(for hardcore runners, canicross or dog joring are also solid exercise options).
In this video we have listed 10 dog breeds which are considered to be the best companions for hikers.

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36 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Dogs for Hikers”

  1. armando maravilla Ramirez

    Hounds in general are good hikers, but you also forgot breeds like the Belgian Malenois, Doberman, German Shorthaired Pointer, English and Irish Setters, English Springer Spaniel, Pitbull, Dogo Argentino, and Rhodecian Ridgeback.

  2. Jacob DeJong

    Standard poodle and Irish setter

  3. Nicholas Taitt

    not an American Bulldog for sure

  4. Mjau

    Posavac hound is the best breed for hiking

  5. Ace625 A

    Dogo. Pit bull. Cane corso. Dobe, sheperds.

  6. Lori Love

    Where’s the doberman pincher they love hiking and have the endurance of any dog on this list

  7. The hunting Schnauzer

    My miniature schnauzer likes to hike with me in the wild and she loves to hunt small animals including rabbits and alectoris

  8. Marin Marku

    I don’t see e belgian malinois here but I am not upset because I love the lab so much

  9. Kaleb Green

    You forgot golden retriever and Chesapeake Bay retriever

  10. Mercy John

    I love Labrador retriever

  11. Albert the Bulldog’s World

    I read it to fast and it said “10 best dogs for hitler”

  12. Eddy Key

    you forgot the belgian malinois, the most energetic dog of the world


    Where’s the dogo argentino i have one and he great companian for hiking

  14. John Shepherd

    Plott Hounds are a Coonhound breed. What can be said about a Plott can be said about any Coonhound. I currently have a Walker but I have had a Plott. Plotts are from the Mountains of Western North Carolina. They are suprisingly tolerant of moderately cold temperatures.

    You also seem to imply in your cattle dog segment that the Aussie Shepherd Is from Australia. It’s not.

  15. Alan Rodriguez

    The Germán shepherd

  16. dimitri petriashvili

    I enjoyed Germany shepherd 😍 they are cute and clever but I heve 2 Pitbull I am going every month on mountain and have fun time

  17. Heather

    This also could be titled, “Top Ten Dogs Heather Should NEVER Own!” I love all dogs, but I did my research and got a Great Dane 😀

  18. M B

    I like the border collie plott and weimaraner

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  20. Ghost

    nice content bro

  21. Ghost

    nice content bro

  22. Adrien Ringenbach

    Where’s the dogo argentino i have one and he great companian for hiking

  23. PuppyPlayz games

    I’m thinking of German shepherd and golden Retriever is a wonderful choice 4 me ^w^ but which breed is better 4 me?

  24. Lucy queen

    Really beautiful dogs💖 Great video!

  25. Ghost

    nice content bro

  26. HeyItsMe

    incredible video as always pB71

  27. overall chimp plays

    Great vid bro🙂👍

  28. King Kanius

    First comment yeah

  29. Griffin FN

    I love dogs

  30. Bishayan Paul

    Nice video

  31. Fidel Fitumukiza

    Top 10 bad dogs I don’t know about dogs

  32. esake fikadu

    i love it

  33. Praise Gbemudu


  34. Peter Harper

    Nice one I love being educated.

  35. Jesus gamer plaz

    Hi first

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