These Are 10 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts
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These Are 10 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts

So, you’re an introvert.

You’d rather stay in with a good book, film, or game than go out to a crowded social event.

You need plenty of alone time to recharge.

But you still love dogs, and you want to find the best match for your lifestyle.

Because with one-on-one companionship and affection, introverts thrive, and dogs?

Perfect for that.

These breeds will be loyal friends to you—but they won’t jump on every person you meet on a dog walk, and they won’t force you to make small talk.

In this video, we have listed the 10 best dog breeds for introverts.

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15 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Dog Breeds for Introverts”

  1. Hickha TN

    I hope people stops breeding Pugs, because they suffer from several diseases. Their life is not easy!

  2. Dimitri Vos

    Chihuahua? Fuck no!

  3. Jacky Browne

    Hey I’ve just came across your channel & after watching a few videos I’ve definitely sub’d to you, a dog being snappy to people can pass down the lines of certain dogs But it’s how you train them starting from them being puppies & sticking with it but most people don’t train them & as dogs are used for services more often now with disabled people more & more smaller dogs are used & handy to sit on your knee in wheelchair etc, keep up the good work your doing & will look forward to your next video soon. XxX🐘

  4. sariMarksRosa

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  5. Tusshar Trivedi

    I like Golden retrievers they are so lovable, my second most favourite is the bullmastiff

  6. Candice Tice

    I would love to own a Irish Wolfhound, it sucks they don’t live long 🙁

  7. Aimee Frosland

    I like pugs! They are so cute 😍!

  8. Wade’s World

    Me:”what do you wanna do?”
    Dog: same thing as you. Keep to myself.

  9. Elliott Lewis (Student)

    nice i have a great dog

  10. Nicole on EQ

    Look, it’s me as various dog breeds 🙃

  11. Sumitra Raval

    third commet

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