These Are 10 Best Barnyard Buddies
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These Are 10 Best Barnyard Buddies

With today’s house hounds more likely to spend their time herding toys than sheep, it’s easy to forget that most dogs have a long history of hard work behind them.

Many breeds — including the most powerful guardian breeds to pint-sized ratters — were originally developed for farm life, whether it was herding animals, protecting livestock, or pulling carts.

In this video: The 10 Best Barnyard Dog Breeds.

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33 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Best Barnyard Buddies”

  1. Shpendi Go

    The Rottweiler 😍💪🏻

  2. Wyatt Skoglund

    Great Pyrenees and astralian cattle dog

  3. Shuga Sweet

    i would pick rottweiler

  4. logan murphy

    He forgot huntaway and NZ heading dogs

  5. Priye Otaji

    I’ve learnt everything about dog training from this channel but I know my parents wont come through

  6. Priye Otaji

    My life is the worst my parents wont let me own a dog because I’m 10

  7. BCOutdoorsman

    #1. KANGAL

  8. Serpil Vorner

    I thought a antolion Shepherd dog

  9. Serpil Vorner

    I just got a golden retriever/great Pyrenees

  10. Gregory Carlson

    My favorite is the Australian Cattle Dog because I own one!! Mine happens to be a Blue HEELER, but they come in a variety of colors. I would never have any other breed. Hard workers, but also incredible pets. Very protective of their property, livestock, and people!!😃😃

  11. Aaron Pritty

    dang i couldn’t make it in fast enough

  12. Sushant Lokhande

    Plz tells hindi

  13. mhamoudi mansour

    I have a long haired german shepherd he is the best, the strongest and most important thing that he do is he protect us from dangerous people. He is the best I had ever had.

  14. Fezan Hussain

    I hate Dobermans they are so skinny

  15. horse girl

    i have a have 5 dogs 1 rotti 1border collie 1huskie and 2 labs

  16. Faith Sanson

    Rottweiler, Border collie and Australian cattle dog.

  17. Milan Stanisic

    Never first

  18. Wolfdog Playz

    Cool vid!!!!!!!

  19. Ricardo Torquato


  20. TheLuxurious

    Our LIFE GOAL is to be a big Youtube Channel like yours ”Viral Now”🙏🙏

  21. My pretty dog, Titiكلبتى الجميله تيتى Mahmoud Said


  22. Aimee Frosland

    Did you know that border collies can be brown and white also?

  23. AK AKshay

    number_ONe ❤😁

  24. Sushma Mohite

    26 th view😭😭😭

  25. Roberto Camberos

    Never been first 😞

  26. Sultan Al Hadidi

    I just got Rottweiler puppy 🐶 I love him

  27. Lucas Ladendecker

    How do you make a post on YouTube?

  28. Druveesha Perera


  29. Peter Harper

    Great job 😁

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