These Are 10 Bearded Dog Breeds
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These Are 10 Bearded Dog Breeds

Around the world, November becomes Movember as guys unite to Grow their Mo and raise awareness for men’s health issues.

But while these dudes can lose the stubble and revert to clean-shaven at the end of the month, not all mustaches and beards are intended to be that temporary.

In fact, for several of our four-legged friends it’s a distinguishing feature that sets them apart from all other pooches.

In this video, we have listed Top 10 bearded dog breeds.

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20 Thoughts to “These Are 10 Bearded Dog Breeds”

  1. Giana Molinari

    what about Irish red terrier

  2. Thomas Taylor

    I have a schnauzer mix yourkie

  3. Cheryl Bennett

    Why didn’t you mention the Lhasa Apso?

  4. MadaraLord_BG

    i saw one of your old vids like a year ago top 10 shepherd umm ye about that the bulgarian karakachan shepherd is 2 times bigger even i think 3 times bigger than a german shepherd pls make another part

  5. The King

    My favorite type of dog is scooby doo

  6. Guadalupe Gomez

    I liked the schnauzer.

  7. Pram Rm

    Plssss make top 10 poplour dog breeds in USA plsss hayy you not make my video i commant in last video


    Where is bernedoodle, labradoodle

  9. Savage Ishy123

    Can you guys sub to me and btw I got a American akita puppy his so cute

  10. Gaven Davis

    You forgot the Wire Fox Terrier

  11. Scooby Doo

    One of the best channels ever. All these are cute dogs. My favorite of all time German shepherd.

  12. Mr. Hemant

    Love from india

  13. Matt Croxon

    Im the 1 hire yay

  14. Franciska Csenge Vízi


  15. tarek karam

    Best youtuber
    I am from egypt

  16. Liltonyyr Rico

    Hey I’m a big fan

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