These Animals Are Always Looking To Kill
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These Animals Are Always Looking To Kill

The animal world is divided into large groups…: amphibians, birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals – the last group, has the highest number of predators. The main characteristics of a predator are: big teeth, claws, the behavior, and body structure. In order to be a successful predator, intelligence, speed, force, strong prey drive and definitely reflexes, play a big role. The life of a predator involves long and tiring traveling, observing the prey, which must be hunted first before being eaten. The spring or summer season is mainly reserved for mating, so during this time predators hunt rarely since they need to take care of their little ones. In other seasons, hunting becomes intense and cruel, especially during the night or cold times, when the prey is unsafe.
Being a predator means eating meat as food that has much more proteins than plants, other animals seeing you as a danger, and having authority over your territory. Since food is directly connected with an animal’s killing, hunting becomes more difficult in different times. If hunting is done in groups, food must be shared with others, and to be successful the predator needs to invest more in hunting strategies.

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    With respect Sir” i know it’s common sense” but you know It’s in nature to do exactly what nature’s behavior’s do Sir.

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