These 10 Dogs Can Cause The Most Damage
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These 10 Dogs Can Cause The Most Damage

As the descendants of the wolf, dogs share many similarities with them that without hesitation we can say that the wolf is a real beast, they after entering their mode let say “Killer Mode” they can really cause unimaginable damage.

But let’s talk about: dogs. It is believed that the onset of domestication from wolf to dog occurred approximately 30,000 years ago.

Since then many breeds have been created and changed both in appearance and character “because of the needs that humans have had”, but what is amazing is that dogs and wolves share 99.9% of the same genes “DNA”.

We want to find the answer to a simple question: can dogs cause damage just like wolves? the answer we have found, and it is ……. YES, with 0.1% No. due to some factors that we will mention later.

From the dog breeding, we have now over 360 different breeds, starting from the smallest to the normal “look like a wolf” and to the giant ones.

But which are the ones that can cause the most damage? small breeds claim that they, but no.

00:00​ – Intro
01:12​ – Rottweiler
02:19​ – Akita Inu
03:02​ – Leonberger
03:36​ – English Mastiff
04:09​ – Dogo Argentino
04:43​ – Presa Canario
05:14 – Tosa Inu
05:42​ – Cane Corso
06:21​ – Kangal
07:02​ – Wolfdog
07:50​ – Outro

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35 Thoughts to “These 10 Dogs Can Cause The Most Damage”

  1. V Petrovic

    How about including the “Beast from the East” – the Bully Kutta?

  2. Bullet759

    Caucasian shepherd, alabai (central Asian shepherd), bully kutta and Cane Corso have similar bite force of 700PSI=317KG per square inch

  3. Bullet759

    There are more then 70 breeds that count very powerful

  4. Bullet759

    Stop the nonsense of myths, the Great White shark have one of the strongest bite force on the world, only orca have stronger bite force then the great white shark, 650PSI from where that nonsense??? 7 meters great white shark have a bite force of 4000PSI and above

    If you meaning 660PSI for the bull shark so yes but off course not for the great white shark

  5. Bullet759

    The Boerboel have the strongest bite force at 800PSI=363KG per square inch

    Even so warriors not built only by one category but by many others categories as training, speed, agility, stamina, resistance, experience and many other things as well

  6. Melvin Chavers

    Presa Canario
    Cane Corso

  7. Juan Erik Estrada

    Bully kata?

  8. Shwetha G.K

    Ha In super little time /3hours so many comments already…That is a WOW

  9. jj

    Alabai,Caucasian shepherd,Neapolitan mastiff?

  10. Neo Count

    We share 99.9% of DNA with chimps, so…it doesn’t mean much. That 0.1% makes a huge difference.

  11. 87TFAT

    I think instead of making people take classes and register for “dangerous dog breeds”, people who breed and sell these dogs should have to be licensed and vetted.
    Too many dogs are put down due to over breeding and these puppy mills don’t care because it’s all just cash to them.

  12. cem asikoglu

    Guys you have forgotten, 3 types 1-malakli of TURKEY2- Alabai of Turkmenistan 3- Tobet of Kazakistan kangal is the smallest among them 🙂

  13. steelgator crimson Tide

    Yes I agree with the question I think we should have to take a test and this is coming from a guy that owns too dangerous breeds of dogs I have two pitbulls and a German Shepherd these types of dogs get bad reputations due to their owners and sometimes due to the people around the dog

  14. Mosroor Ahmed

    I ❤️love cane corso .

  15. Soper Man

    I like Doug’s

  16. Lizzie Dbury

    Caucasian Shepherd ?

  17. Juan Chavez

    You forgot the Boerboel

  18. Rosa H

    Why is the english so bad in this?

  19. Jerry Ricee

    I got a bite force of 389 PSI

  20. yasir ali

    my dog is not on the list. i dislike!
    PS. caucasian shepherd 🙂

  21. Daniel Gabriel Infinite

    Boerboel should be nuber 2 on this list.

  22. MJS King

    Good job Good luck 👌👌

  23. Tebatso Ruben Manabile

    Yes they should fill out a form because this people claim to love 💘dog’s

  24. veer Veer

    Well What every body thinking i don’t know But my All time favourite dog breed is Kangal.Yes it’s Muscular look, Heavy Bite force not so much Aggressive like other dogs,Can live Any type of environment, Longer Life Span also Very good Powerful dog Guys..

  25. maRiSoL duarTe

    My “Cora” Kangal turco it’s a beautifull dog 52 kgs 🐕🐾🐕 Loved ❤😍❤

  26. Anhad singh

    8th comment

  27. Γιάννης Αθανασιαδης

    Caucasian shepherd and tibetans tho

  28. Patricia Sandoval

    siberian huskies need to be in this list. beside being SUPER friendly, huskies have a tremendous bite force of 320 psi and take in mind that only 210 psi its needed to broke a human arm, a husky can easly turn your arm into dust if he wants to.
    and they also have a very powerful body and they can take down an adult person, may not be as large like an kangal or malamute, but they can be as dangerous if they aren’t socialized at all.

  29. mano mano

    Pls post a Indian dog breeds


    Imagine a heart from viral be

  31. Me To The Moon

    Honestly this is the best YouTube channel.

  32. Me To The Moon

    Things some dogs don’t like:
    -A cat who taunts them from afar
    -Children who pull their ears and scream loudly
    -Children who want to play with the dog and then start running while crying
    -That we touch their paws.
    -Take showers

  33. Qasim Afham

    I love this channel because this channel is very amazing what a great information I really like this channel very well

  34. SnowGlobe

    Turn to Jesus before its too late

  35. SnowGlobe

    Jesus can take the damage out your life

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