These 10 Dogs Are Tougher than a Honey Badger


These 10 Dogs Are Tougher than a Honey Badger


An animal that will attack any type of animal starting from lions, leopards, black mambas and up to a porcupine with sharp quills, the Honey badger is definitely the toughest animal ever. Its special features are the small muscular body with a lot of power, the small mouth with sharp teeth and the strong bite force, they are very agile and most importantly their flexible thick skin is a very successful shield for them. However, even in the dog world there are some breeds that have courage and are as tough as a honey badger.

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21 Thoughts to “These 10 Dogs Are Tougher than a Honey Badger”

  1. Jibi Thomas

    What about the cane corso

  2. Jibi Thomas

    What about the cane corso

  3. Ossi Pe

    Honey badgers are robust against venom. These dogs are never as tough as honey badgers

  4. Burim Kzyeziu


  5. cry harder

    Know this, while the honey badger might get injured the dog will loose & by loose I mean the fight and definitely its eyes too

  6. Donn dubhan

    For me the most fearless are :
    jagdt terrier
    Jack russel
    Bull terrier
    Dogo argentino

  7. Jesse Klo

    you forgot the german shepherd

  8. DK

    Boerbeol is the goat I have boerbeol mix cane Corso

  9. Omar Opqhe

    thank you 🦮❤💘💞

  10. APack


  11. Selli Dane

    Where is cane corso

  12. Midway Inn

    Um no I rather have a pet guard honey badger the drawback on that is you can’t really train them☹

  13. sai adapa


  14. Salifya NGAMBI

    Dog breeds that are braver and fiercer than and 🦁

  15. Predator Gaming

    Lol honey badger is the most toughest animal in the world by Guinness world records

  16. Melvin Chavers

    American Bulldog
    Caucasian Shepherd
    Presa Canario
    Dogo Argentino

  17. palash pandya

    You forgot Cane Corso

  18. Mark Ziff

    Learn how to pronounce their names.
    Jagd is Yagd

  19. Lucas Enzo

    Presa Canario, APBT, Boerboel, Johnson bulldog and Dogo argentino🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  20. KCmakeovers

    Yay my baby made it on ur list !🥰🥰 American Bulldog 🐶

  21. TheDragonSlayerGamez .

    First comment

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