These 10 Dog Breeds Will Keep You Fit
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These 10 Dog Breeds Will Keep You Fit

As you kick those workouts up a notch to prepare for your best bod ever,
bringing your dog along for the exercise can be a wonderful way for you to enhance your bond while helping you both stay healthy.
In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that can help keep you fit, along with some tips for beginning an exercise routine with your dog.

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33 Thoughts to “These 10 Dog Breeds Will Keep You Fit”

  1. Kahu

    I own a disable vizsla

  2. Jenna M Martin


  3. Grug Crood

    I accidentally watched the intro at 2x Speed

  4. Dimitri Vos

    Do a video about 10 wirehaired dogs

  5. Angie B

    American Bulldog

  6. Whitney Crowford

    German shepherd is the best

  7. alihassansaali

    I have the 8 and 1 breeds 😅, omg ask me about it more energy


    What about german shepherds I have one that’s really energetic

  9. Jonathan Escobar

    I,m gonna get my first German shepherd puppy soon

  10. Aimee Frosland

    I like 👍 ♥ border collies!

  11. Jonathan Escobar

    My favorite is the German shepherd

  12. Vikram Mallick

    Rottweiler is the best

  13. Michael Lawrence

    I have a Border Collie. If I wasn’t fit before I got him I am now.🤣🤣👌👌

  14. Leonard Francis

    This is my daily dose of internate

  15. Patricia Sandoval

    i dont see huskys in that top lol huskys are breed for that

  16. K9Boxing

    My Boxing name is K9 I can show you how 2 get fit I won 2 World titles🥊

  17. Indrojith Bhattacharyya

    Love U from India

  18. Fernando Aguilar

    I am sorry but you have it all wrong, correct is, Border Collie, Malinois, Australian Cattle dog, Working German Shepherds ………

  19. Gregory Carlson

    I’m still waiting for the Australian Cattle Dog to be mentioned in one of these!!

  20. Leo Luret

    What the German shepherd is not in ranking , i can’t believe it

  21. T. Sashank

    Doberman pinscher lovers please like

  22. jazzy jazz


  23. Gui21 silva

    Dobermann ❤️

  24. The legendary S.M.G

    How are Jack Russell Terriers not number 1? They are way more crazy

  25. Danny Helou

    I can’t believe huskies arent on here!

  26. Shafiqa Saeeda

    My favourite are German shepherd .

  27. Terry Dunn

    Im the 5th person hi guys! Edit: i know nobody cares

  28. Sumitra Raval

    op video


    My Labrador retriever is very friendly and very fast

  30. Big Boy Cochise

    Rottweiler are at their best when active with you

  31. 𝐕𝐅𝐗📷وحش الخدع والافلام


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