These 10 Dog Breeds that can Defeat Wolves
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These 10 Dog Breeds that can Defeat Wolves

There are three species and close to 40 subspecies of wolves, so they come in many different sizes.

The bite force of a smaller wolf is around 400 pounds, so a dog may be confronted with it.

But a large wolf can bite down with over 1,200 pounds of pressure, this is deadly to any dog breed.

In this video, we have listed 10 dog breeds that have the chance to defeat a smaller wolf.

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95 Thoughts to “These 10 Dog Breeds that can Defeat Wolves”

  1. the living shadow falcasontos

    Is English Mastiff can defeat wolf

  2. Nathan Nicholas

    *Boer boel

  3. juan pablo trad

    Kind of disappointed in the first five seconds the narrator said Irish wolfdog, the Caucasian ovcharka and the illiryan shepherd should switch places because the Caucasian is larger and more aggressive also they misspelled borboel

  4. Jeremy/Jason Page

    Doh go

  5. Jeremy/Jason Page

    Do go

  6. Frankie Earwood

    1200psi total B.S. I saw where they tested a wolf think it was Brady Barr. The wolf was not small the bite force was 400 psi.

  7. JJdrobloxayyy

    I have a doctor’s Argentine

  8. Mαhαᖇυdrα

    Where is tibattian mastiff who known as wolf killer and where is Bully kutta who known as beast from east? I dislike the video.

  9. minanilmaz

    bull shit

  10. Kc_DireWolf

    #1 Chihuahua

  11. Motor Kz

    You spelled boerboel wrong

  12. Sourav Phogat

    was waiting for Tibetan Mastiff

  13. Panagiotis Xristou

    Greek shepherd dog 💯💪💪💪🤫🤫

  14. asif abdul

    Oh nice you have changed your theme 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. Christy Bisson

    Were pitbull

  16. John

    Spainish mastiff can defeat a wolf

  17. Arben Gashi

    Illyrian sheepdog known as sharr mountain dog lokated in Republic of Kosovo.

  18. Paula Feenandez

    Maybe bc a few kangal’s could be take on one wolf but one on one I can’t imagine

  19. Brx Brx

    There is no Illyrian shepherd. He is a Serbian Sarplaninac, but he is appropriated by the Siptian slam. Please correct the mistake.

  20. Jedd Campbell

    Would you not say that a Rhodesian ridgeback would have a good chance at defeating a wolf if it was bread for hunting lions


    I just feel said that the caucasian is most of the times under rated this dog is huge and isn’t scared to fight a bear go watch a couple of videos of caucasians standing against bears or watch a couple of dogs vs the caucasian the only thing they achieve is losing.

  22. Trip with Maremma Sheepdog Maje & Viva

    Maremma Sheepdog? In Italian “Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese”?
    In Italy (especially in some regions) it is used as an anti-wolf.


    How about bully kutta they are fighting dog

  24. Rosalba Bravo

    You forgot the bullmastiff and the pitbull

  25. Teo

    Ur the best YouTuber I like ur videos Allot

  26. Melvin Chavers

    All Turkish Breeds 1-4
    2.Aksaray Malakli
    3.Anatolian Shepherd
    Tibetan Mastiff
    Spanish Mastiff
    Boerboel Mastiff
    Central Asian Shepherd
    Caucasian Shepherd
    Pyrenean Mastiff

  27. Roman Pearce

    where is the ROTTWEILER?!

  28. TheCreatureMaster

    Wolves have maximum bite of 400 psi not 1200+ psi.

  29. Steven Levites

    What about pitbulls?

  30. Luka Jakacic

    Šarplaninac (ilyrik shep dog) is best

  31. Sungu

    Love boerboel my friend had one

  32. ralp russel

    Thats boerboel

  33. Jose Vicente

    It’s fake

  34. Jose Vicente

    This is a lie

  35. Dummy Dog

    Cane corso dude

  36. Dog Man

    Kangal team ?

  37. Lori Love

    Yes I agree that Kangal would defeat a lone single wolf but a pack of wolves no, wolves can chase a adult grizzly bear off of a kill.

  38. SaDePvP

    What abt cane corso

  39. M M

    I think a rott an a pittbull an boxer an mastiff can fight one off to

  40. Dave Brown

    Spanish mastiff work lines, can fight and kill the wolf.

  41. surfcasualms

    The dogs on this list could possibly defeat a wolf. Dogo Argentino are on record killing puma alone. Its unlikely a single wolf would challenge a dog, its not there style.
    There has never been a serious study on dog or wolf bite pressure its guesswork so fail there.

  42. Top Animal Facts

    Great video! We also do top 10 about animals!
    Like if you love animals!

  43. [ELITE] SkULLCrUsHeR


  44. Tufan Edikyakan


  45. Egzon R.

    2nd place for the Albanian Lyon ❤🇦🇱

  46. Praveena K

    This dude has the best list in a long time

  47. Praveena K

    Dogo argintino and irish wolfhound and wolfdogs they defintely deserve a spot on the list

  48. Mohamed Ramy

    Please do the top 10 best herding dogs 🐕

  49. VOLCHE

    Finnaly a bandog in a yt video

  50. Jeffrey Ngo

    What dogs can kill a Coyote.

  51. serbian wolf gaming

    Šarplaninac is best, it deafeated bear to save shiptares child… The strongest fucking dog.

  52. nikko kapetanos

    People don’t be stupid and actually think that any domesticated dog breed can kill a wolf, not even a Kangal can kill a wolf one on one, here in North America the wolves are massive probably twice as big maybe bigger then the wolves in Europe. A wolfs stamina is FAR SUPERIOR! Than any domesticated dog and with a bite force over 1000PSI where is there disadvantages? Now of course there are situation where there’s a pack of dogs killing an injured wolf but a one on one fight with a fully grown and healthy male wolf you have absolutely no chance, be smart otherwise your dog will be a nice meal for the wolf.

  53. Ezaan Champ

    I Am 65th

  54. Khalid Jamal

    Pakistani Bully Kuta is missing in this list. I have a pitbull but Bully kuttta is gorgeous.

  55. Μάρω Α λα καρτ

    If Kangals work in teams protecting the flock, they can take down even regular-size wolves, sometimes two or three if they fight them efficiently

  56. Duygu Altay


  57. Pankaj Mathur

    Tibetan mastiff ? Gaddi Dog ? Bully Kutta or Indian mastiff? are you kidding me

  58. Georges Azwat

    Alabai, kangal and caucasian ovsharka are the three uncomparable strongest three dogs in the world.

  59. Pomeranian dog Macana

    Great 🥰. Check out my dog’s videos 🐕

  60. john young

    One on one maybe but a pack the dog is dead

  61. Elfo Gwe

    I agree with the video but I think the Rottweiler should be added to the list

  62. Gokul Ktm

    I was expecting Tibetan mastiff in the list .

  63. Alex Fry

    What dog breed do you guys think could take down a brown bear

  64. Cathan Mc Cann

    Can you please do a video more on the Irish wolfhound.
    It’s so interesting

  65. Dasun Dismal


  66. Vara Varalu

    Tibitian masstif should be

  67. Romal Teena

    German shepherd,rottweiler,ridgeback,boxer???

  68. Dea pond

    which wolf? gray/timber wolf? not a chance, its very simple, dogs bite, wolves kill, wolf teeth are twice as big and have much pore power, dog bite puts holes in you, wolf bites break bones

  69. TheLion King

    Heyyy where is pitbull

  70. biswa ranjan

    Wow another vdo thank u

  71. Bishayan Paul

    Very good

  72. princeumar20.09

    cool video SK3I

  73. Maleek Simpson


  74. ShrekTube

    Kangal is the best and german shepherd

  75. Darkest Tundras

    My dog would win then

  76. 𝙑F𝙓 وحش الخدع والافلام

    _Super vids🙂_

  77. Hvhyy Ifjj

    Yes im the first watcher

  78. Hvhyy Ifjj

    I still think people are ganna say that a kangal for example can bear every wolf

  79. Juan Pablo Aceves-Cortez

    Spelled boerboel wrong

  80. Harsh Singh panwar

    Plz make next video dogs breeds that can take down cougars

  81. Hvhyy Ifjj

    Finally somebody who says wich type of wolf, cause no dog has a chance against a large wolf

  82. Gabe the goldador

    German Shepherd, Doberman, any mastiff, pitbull, wolfdogs, and Rottweiler

  83. #OTR #

    Feels good to be 1st viewer

  84. little star

    I am watching this while my dog is sleeping


    Caucasian ovcharka is the best!!!

  86. Towhid hasan


  87. Nestor Espinoza

    Okay good, because I ss about to go off!

  88. Sukhdeep Singh

    1 st one who liked Nd Comment,,,🤙

  89. Gaming boy

    I liked the video liked subbed with notifications

  90. Gacha_life_Nekyah Werewolf

    I like dogs

  91. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, what do you think about this topic dog vs wolf ?

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