These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears

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These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears

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We’ve all been there before. One moment you are walking down the street,
and a mass of fur appears in the corner of your vision. Your heart jumps for a moment as instinct takes over.
But when you turn your head, it’s not a bear sneaking up on you.
Instead it is a friendly canine, tongue lolling about and loving life.
Your moment of fear is replaced with a sudden rush of “oh my god, it’s so adorable.”
In this video we have listed 10 dog breeds that look like bears.
So the next time this happens to you, you’ll be prepared.

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27 Thoughts to “These 10 Dog Breeds Look Like Bears”

  1. Ronald Mcdonald

    TIBETAN MASTIFF: were not bred for years but Centuries!!!!…The,”Old Line Ancient Mastiff Mosler Bread”.. All ,foundation started from Tibetian breed strains!

  2. David Britt Affiliates

    Wow that was really, a nice Script, Very Gratifying Bear👊🏾

  3. Waheed Hussain

    The one dog breed that actually looks like a bear ( the American Akita) hasn’t even been mentioned.🤔🤔

  4. Jill Collins

    I love a Leonberger they are a majestic beautiful dog!.(Shout out from TEAM Rottie) !:)

  5. ToPacyBits

    Next time: these 10 dogs looks like dragons.

  6. Burim Kzyeziu


  7. Sel Nurettin

    Probably Kangal

  8. American G.D.A.

    All Cool Dogs!

  9. Joe Barbosa

    Lol. Much more doggy’s out there

  10. Melvin Chavers

    Tibetan Mastiff
    Caucasian Mountain Dog
    Central Asian Shepherd

  11. Mary Margaret Pitt

    I love your videos but could you please get the pronunciation correct on your different breeds. I grate my teeth every time that I hear them wrongly pronounced. Most of them are correct. It is just the odd few.

  12. Erum Chughtai

    Team doggy

  13. Isaiah Larkin

    I thought nanna was a saint bernard

  14. Jeff Bailey

    American Akita would be your winner. Some of these are a stretch

  15. T I M O N

    Top 10 smartest dog

  16. daniel e basker

    Where is the famous St. Bernard???

  17. astro bae

    I have a German tebetian Mastiff, and he has a black fur coat, I always call him bubba, for the name bear. That’s what i called a bear when first saw one, i called the bear bubba!if you ever get a Tibetan Mastiff, they shed alot so be prepared to sweep and brush alot!

  18. Josi Josi

    tibetan mastif

  19. Gourav Tanwer

    Where is Alabai
    Total to Total White Polar bear

  20. Павел С

    American Akita, of course.

  21. ycart tosey

    american akita, tibetan mastif, great pyrenees, rottweiler

  22. ibrahim jr

    I love dogs ❤

  23. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, Which one do you think looks more like a bear ?

  24. Afghan kuchi Dog TV


  25. Nestor Espinoza

    Why is the Great Pyrenees not on here! That thing looks like a polar bear!

  26. Peter Harper

    New topic is always good.

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