These 10 Dog Breeds Are Really Predators
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These 10 Dog Breeds Are Really Predators

Some dogs love to run, others like to retrieve, and some can’t stop themselves from chasing anything that moves!
Those pups most likely have a high prey drive.
Dogs with high prey drives have strong instincts to hunt.
They tend to go after moving objects, whether they’re birds, critters, or leaves blowing in the wind!
These dogs are energetic and intelligent, but they can be a handful if they don’t have a productive way to expel all that energy.
In this video, we have listed 10 Dog Breeds that Are Really Predators.

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36 Thoughts to “These 10 Dog Breeds Are Really Predators”

  1. Mark Potter

    Technically all dogs are predators because there is no such thing as a vegan dog.

  2. George Fitzhugh

    Airedale Terrier

  3. Carina Aguilar

    German shepherd

  4. Juan Pablo Aceves-Cortez

    German shepherds.

  5. Sean Joyner

    Could u make a every mastiff or every pitbull or every terrior or bulldog breed video and I was just sitting down when my cousins house when a cane corso busted out the cage and came straight fir me do booked it and I’m now afraid of big dogs

  6. Jill Collins

    Hi! I should be on this list..I chased a BEAR out of the yard !(Shout Out from TEAM ROTTIE) 🙂

  7. Wiebe van Nieuwland

    Rhodesian ridgeback😍❤️

  8. Mjau

    Where is posavac hound,istrian hound? They run for deer 2 days without rest..

  9. Suluk Lennert

    Greenlandig dog

  10. Antonio Pompa

    I realize the Catahoula is a rare breed, but they are first class hunters/predators and should probably be on this list.



  12. Kareem Khan

    Kangal u miss it

  13. Jesse Bull

    what about the wolf hybrid

  14. HYPERXD PUBG mobile

    Pug the best predator dog can kill a polar bear

  15. HYPERXD PUBG mobile

    Pitbull: am I joke to you
    Tibetan mastiff:am I a big joke to you
    Kangal: I am harlious joke

  16. Craig Jordan

    I paused it on the airedale being the biggest terrier and i didn’t see the pitbull y is that

  17. shamar compton

    Yes pitbull

  18. David Costenar

    I think czechoslovakian wolfdog is a real predator breed.I from Romania and i have one of this dogs and is very good to hunting

  19. GH Dog Tv

    I love this.. GH Dog TV was here. 🐶 ❤ from Ghana

  20. Nishant Salunke

    Dogo Argentino

  21. Joel Montgomery

    Border terrier

  22. Vj WaQa

    My favourite animal dog I love German shaferd 🤜🤛🌹❤🥀💋🔥

  23. perralla Tërnava


  24. Gustavo Arias

    Nice 👍

  25. Sub to me For no Reason

    These Dogs Are just Misunderstood

  26. Kaleb Green

    German Shepherd

  27. LPS Rottweiler TV

    Do you make video of “These are most Coolest dog breeds” 😆

  28. Galaxy gotcha

    Pitbull 🐷

  29. Kira Woodcock

    Alaskan malamute

  30. Marline Human

    what do you think about the bouvier

  31. PigletTube

    I love this video…

  32. ViralBe

    Hello Friends, what other breed do you think should be on this list ?

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