These 10 Animals Looks Harmless But Are Deadly

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These 10 Animals Looks Harmless But Are Deadly

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The animals always catch our attention. It can be because of their look, color or by funny character.
But sometimes we fail to understand the real them. The calm and quite looking cute ones can be the most dangerous animals.
In this video we have Listed 10 animals that seem to be harmless but are deadly.

Number 10 Slow Loris
Those beautiful eyes will make you fall in love with Slow Loris.
They are a kind of nocturnal animals found in Southeast Asia and nearer regions.
Slow Loris is attractive with their big round eyes and soft fur.
But beware! It is one among venomous mammals of the world.
Slow Loris elbows can release a type of venom from their sides.
The secreted venom, when mixed with their saliva becomes a highly toxic material.
Whenever the animal feels like threatened, it will release the venom to mouth and Later a bite from the animal will cause death.

Number 9 Wolverine
Wolverine is fuzzy and pretty cute in look. The first look of them will give a calm appearance only.
They found in large numbers in Northern Canada and Alaska. However, they are not as cute as they look!
This muscular carnivore with beautiful fur has aggressive weasel and powerful claws.
They are capable of attacking large organisms including human beings.
Their jaws and sharp claws help them to have their prey fast. While feeding something wolverines look more violent.
They got a vast range of preys ranging from small squirrels and rabbits to moose and elk even. They will attack humans if they get provoked.

Number 8 The Moose
The moose looks quite friendly in appearance. Even we may feel that some of the moose hold an attractive smile on face.
They are the largest and heaviest animals in Deer family. The moose or elk have got broad attractive antlers for males.
They usually live in temperate climatic regions.
The moose can be dangerous when they are frightened.
The most important part is that the moose do attack a large number of people than bears and wolves.
The presence of dogs too can make the moose violent. The situation where they not provided with enough food will also make them aggressive.
Apart from this animal will be more aggressive in their mating seasons.

Number 7 Geographic Cone Snail
You can’t sometimes prevent yourself from touching the beautifully patterned shell of geographic cone snail.
They live in the reef of Indopacific regions. The thin shell is pink, red or white colored — the shell covered by thread-like strings.
But beneath this beautiful structure, there is a shocking truth. The cone snail got an incredible ability to detect preys swimming nearby.
Once they recognize them, immediately they use a needle-like growth from the mouth. It will inject a type of venom to its preys.
This venom is highly toxic and got some painkilling properties as well. It will make the body of prey paralyzed.

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  2. MrMaxGiz

    Wolverine also lives in Russia. We call it – Rosomaha(Росомаха – in russian).

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    Fire salamanders are amphibians not lizards.
    Some of these are deadly but a lot of this is ridiculous. Who thinks a wolverine or moose are cute????

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    Octopus is venomous- not poisonous, there is a difference.

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    Hello Friends, Which of these animals can be most underestimated ?

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