The Ultimate eCollar Hack - How I Use the E-Collar to Train MY Dogs
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The Ultimate eCollar Hack – How I Use the E-Collar to Train MY Dogs

WARNING: This video is for advanced-level trainers and training.

Ecollar training is one of the most humane and fair ways to train a dog. Sadly, there are people who don’t understand how to use e-collars or are just plain stupid. I’ve published many lessons on using ecollars in a fair and humane way.

This video covers modifying your ecollar to make it more effective, more humane, and an overall better tool. Without spending $1000 on a custom e-collar these hacks will help you to modify almost any ecollar to a supreme ecollar.

I’ve kept this hack a secret for almost 10 years, but I see more and more people struggling with their ecollars and hate when I see the dogs suffer. Oftentimes I see dogs that get fried on the ecollar because the handler keeps turning it up and up because the contacts don’t connect. This hack will help with that.

That being said, I strongly caution you to ALWAYS condition a dog to a new ecollar – AND, ALWAYS test the collar on yourself to the top level you can handle. Your dog depends on you to be fair. BE FAIR! Ecollars are not remote controls like on a TV, they are tools that send a signal to your dog…. Its a YES / NO switch.

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3 Thoughts to “The Ultimate eCollar Hack – How I Use the E-Collar to Train MY Dogs”

  1. Marino Cane Corso

    Love our ecoller. Awesome training tool.

  2. Bushanie24

    Fantastic tool when used the proper way and not like a moron as a punishment/discipline

  3. Andrew Rajan

    Thanks for the free info been following you since I am trying to get a GSD this spring!

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